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Meltem Arikan

Sky at night

While that tiny little girl has been condemned to nightmares, those big men... who have used her tiny body so pervertedly, are now back in their cosy homes, sleeping soundly... just like the people of the village, just like...

Causes of Rape 2

What will it take for the truth to be heard? Maybe, when women, young and old, don’t give up on shouting out loud, when law-makers, lawyers and judges open their ears and begin to understand, maybe, just maybe, things will start to change...


When you can’t find your answers with words, you learn the language of Nature. The wind, mountains, rain, land… Even the trees…... And then one day you’d understand the whispers of the wind: “Would there be borders if there were no war? If wars weren’t sanctified..."


I went to KARVAK Awards Ceremony to receive our award for Best Play 2013..... As we made our way there, it didn’t seem possible that our lives were about to change completely....


Why don't men become dishonourable when they commit corruption, destroy nature for the sake of unearned income – cut trees with no mercy...?

Isn't it time to question the Namus of the men who have the mentality of defining Namus through sexuality and the body of Woman?


Tüm dünyada hakim olan erkek egemen sistemin şiddetini nerelere kadar götürebildiğinin bir şahidi olarak  yazıyorum.

Bugün analog dünya düzeninden dijital dünya düzenine geçerken, artık erkek egemen sistemin baskıcı rejimlerine karşı halkın nasıl birleşebildiğini gördüm.


I used to be one of the hopeless ones in Turkey...

Today we are in a transition period from the analogue to the digital world... I have witnessed how people can unite and be in solidarity against the oppressive regime of patriarchy....