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Louise Hogan


It’s no secret that the UK lags far behind other European countries in terms of gender equality in politics and public decision making...

Despite half-hearted assurances from Cameron and Clegg that gender equality is an important issue, a recent report indicates otherwise....


Jan 2013: By Louise Hogan - "I believe the memorialisation of mass atrocities is extremely important. It is not just about remembrance but also about preventing future atrocities. Societies which have gone through mass atrocities are deeply wounded..."


Jan 2013: By Louise Hogan - "The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) Network released a report entitled Falling through the Cracks- reflections on customary law and the imprisonment of women in South Sudan..."


Jan 2013: Yosra Akasha tells Louise Hogan - "In the 1990s, my brothers went to Jihad against the Christian Southerners. As I grew up, I knew that wasn't right. Innocent people were killed in those wars..."