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June 2014 - Linnet Griffith-Jones continues her journal about life in Kaabong, five months into her internship with AWARE Uganda - Safe World Field Partner in Karamoja, north-east Uganda.


 Kidepo National Park

Road-to-Kidepo-1Grace [founder of AWARE Uganda] arrived and the promised visit to Kidepo has taken place. It definitely lived up to expectations!

It was my first experience of a safari and it was glorious, despite the rain.

Even the journey was beautiful.

Road-to-Kidepo-2The dryness just disappears and suddenly you're driving through lush green land that just stretches for miles to the mountains of South Sudan.

After paying an extortionate price to go in (being a foreign resident I paid $25 or 64,000 UGX, compared to the 10,000 East African Community Residents pay), we got a guide and went for an explore.

Uganda-Cob-KidepoUganda CobI was in the back of the pick-up with Steto and Harrison, while Grace and Agnes stayed inside so as not to get soaked by the drizzle.

It was brilliant; we went looking for elephants but unfortunately, the rain meant they (and most of the other animals) were hiding away.

I did get to see zebra though, which were at the top of list of animals I wanted to see, and they are as brilliant as I thought they'd be.

Kidepo-WarthogWarthogMy major disappointment was not seeing a giraffe but the buffalo, jackals, warthogs, Uganda cob and antelope that I did get to take pictures of, almost made up for it.

I think in this case pictures will definitely do much more justice to it than any words I can come up with so here are a few.

Please don't mention soap-making...

Oh and while you are oohing and ahhing over my pictures, I will just slip in that my last attempt at soap was an absolute failure.

The wood here is too soft to make lye strong enough to dissolve the fat; so calling it a day on that one, I am glad I tried - just a shame it didn't work, but please feel free to be distracted by the photos and forget that I ever mentioned the word 'soap' in the first place!







Linnet Griffith-Jones is a graduate in Politics from Lancaster University and has an MSc in International Politics from Trinity College, Dublin.

From January to July 2014, Linnet was interning with AWARE Uganda, based in Kaabong.

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