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Jen Timmons

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I cannot ever vote for anyone who promotes misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, zenophobia, homophobia... It would be a mockery of my life... dishonoring my elders who have endured the many injustices of racial animosity, my friends who've experienced the same...

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Have you ever felt “put on the spot” because of your gender or ethnicity?... remarks that a person is not truly “American” because of how they look or that an Asian woman must certainly be docile and subservient - based on tired, stereotypical images fed by the media... 

Jen and Sayydah

I met Sayydah, co-founder and president of Pastoralist Child Foundation (PCF) on a chilly afternoon in New York City... But warmth radiated... PCF is a Safe World Field Partner that operates in Kenya and works tirelessly to campaign against FGM and child marriage...

Ding Ling

I have a penchant toward women in history whose work I admire and respect, so I can emulate them in some small way...  They may be long gone from this world, but I continue to study their words, and their activism inspires and strongly influences me when I write, reminding me to remain resolute in my convictions...


Dear Daddy... Now you're gone and I've got lingering emotions which I can't put my finger on, so let this be a posthumous attempt at making peace with you... and me... What kind of father, especially a Chinese father, runs their family like he was still in the military?!


Three out of every 1,000 people worldwide are trapped in jobs into which they were coerced or deceived and which they cannot leave.... Cheap labor. Girls and boys for sale. Women for sale. Bodies for sale. How else is one to think about it?


Human trafficking arrived in my neck of the woods this year... Two men were arrested in a nearby hotel in Somerset County, Maryland, for holding two young women against their will; fortunately, one of the women managed to call her mother, who alerted state troopers, and they were rescued.


As someone who has dealt with a number of reproductive health issues, I feel highly sensitized towards other women who've suffered the same or similar – and especially those who may be denied care, through no fault of their own....


When I edit others' news...sometimes the news is so shocking that I must step away from the computer to try to digest the magnitude of what I am reading, such as girls being forced out of school to be married off too young to a (often much older) man, for reasons of poverty, most likely....


What unsettles me?

The endless and relentless misogyny and disrespect for the female half of humanity from numerous, elected public officials, media personalities, and as well, those in society who accept it – either through electing them or not calling them out publicly...


'Do these lawmakers really think women are so incapable of making decisions about their own bodies, their own health, on their own?'

Jennifer Timmons asks...

Poster about Foeticide in India

“People don't want daughters because they are not helpful to the family -· they leave the family when they marry. Daughters are useless! Unworthy! It is sons who are able to inherit assets...”·