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Gab Chaparro

Cozumel Mexico

Imagine for a moment...For over a year you have been without a job, without family, without anything that gives you the stability to keep going. What could you do if you lose your beloved ones? But you’re not able to go to say the last goodbye?


The feeling that you are "not good enough” - that’s the saddest part. We have millions of women around the world afflicted with that same feeling. For them, each day is a challenge... I do know that it can take years, tears, pain, and more to keep going - that you just feel you’re in a box and there’s no way out.


We need to start using resources to stop the objectification of women in media... What if we stop the stupidity on television and we start to use it to educate?

We need more writers like the woman who writes the Turkish Fatmagül drama...


Well, many people write about their icons in society, award winning women, actresses, etc. However, the woman I will write about is not famous... she's my mother...

We are absolutely different and opposite - we try every day to share or talk - and she doesn't know, but I'm really proud of her.


I was beaten in my life six times, and felt a the barrel of a gun on my head four times, harassed in the street four times, spat at my face three times... verbally abused – uff, I can't even remember how many times, and this happened in 'developed' countries as well as developing countries...