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Elizabeth Norman

Elizabeth Norman

I'm an eternal idealist and a passionate believer that words can change the world for the better.

In 2013 I graduated from The University of Sheffield with an MA in Political Theory, having focused specifically on ethnic conflict, human rights and child piracy. I also graduated with a First Class BA in Philosophy with Journalism from the University of Hertfordshire in 2010.

In between writing blogs and doing degrees, I can often be found working in the charity sector. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some incredible organisations such as In Kind Direct, The London School of Economics Students Union, NCS The Challenge and Tearfund. At present I can be found in the lovely hills of Lancashire doing one too many Future Learn courses and looking for freelance writing opportunities while trying to complete my journalism NCTJ.

Outside of work I am an Amnesty International member, a returned ICS Team Leader from a Restless Development programme in Tanzania and a graduate of the VSO and Restless Development Voice for Development programme. I also enjoy hiking, going to the theatre, reading and watching films.

I hope to one day do a PhD into the underreported problem of child piracy and to have the opportunity to write about human rights and conflict on a much bigger scale.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter: @Bizbeth88

Jo Cox memorial 2

We need to re-evaluate our political system; it is time we started challenging politicians to drop the fear and hate and instead develop a system of open honest debate about the much bigger issues faced by both our society and the wider world...

Burial site at Srebrenica

I keep remembering those two beautiful women I met who, despite suffering through something most people will never be able to comprehend or understand, still talk of love and peace rather than hate and violence...

Zaatri refugee camp

We [the UK] are one of the richest countries in the world... We can and should be doing more to help the poorest within our society, along with a significantly higher number of refugees, perhaps what we need to be doing is asking why our government is currently failing to do so?

Human Rights Act

The Right to Freedom of Expression is important in so far as it allows journalists and others to publically criticise their governments and hold them to account, but this has to be seen as being in equal partnership with other rights – such as Right to Liberty and the Right to Security...


We need to recognise that young people can be groomed and manipulated into an armed group in the same way that they can into sex or drugs... We need to be asking how our society could have failed them so badly and what we can do to protect more impressionable young people from falling victim in the same way.


I can understand if people do nothing because they feel powerless to do anything, but in the age of the internet there is always something you can do....