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What do we want for our daughters?

Cs daughter and Ugandan friends

On the 3rd July this year (my daughter's birthday), I will be at Covent Garden in London because Safe World for Women has been short-listed by the prestigous internet organisation - Nominet - for an award for 'Doing Good Online'.


The Digital Divide - Does it Matter? - #nia2014


A UNESCO report estimates that 200 million more men than women are online. The gender gap is due to various factors: chiefly a combination of cultural and economic. In developing countries, there is a 16 percent gender gap in internet access, compared to 2 percent in developed nations.


Crying Silently, Kimoyo Moyo: Surviving Child-loss


As anyone who has ever suffered the death of a baby will know, it is a devestating experience, wherever you are. Talking can help. But in many parts of the world, talking and openly grieving are not options...


Overcoming Obstacles - to Save Mothers and Babies in Nigeria


I've been writing a reference for the founder of our Field Partner in Nigeria. One question was: 'Resilience – Can they overcome obstacles?' How to explain, in a few words, that daily life in Lagos can be an obstacle...?


Nelson Mandela's Biographer - Anthony Sampson


Anthony Sampson first met Nelson Mandela in a shebeen (drinking den) in 1951... the meeting was to be the beginning of a lifelong friendship.


'Missing You' - My Baby Brother


I wanted to feel your presence, I wanted a hand to hold, Your little body so small, Your skin, ice-cold...


Chris Crowstaff: "I believe in a compassionate and caring world."

Chris Crowstaff and Field Partner manager, Jen-Timmons, at the United Nations in Geneva

 The world cannot carry on as it is. It is not sustainable.

The world needs to experiment. To experiment with having women’s voices and views equally represented and acted upon.


Chris Crowstaff: The Vision Grows

Chris Crowstaff with the Austrian Ambassador the UN

In our mass movement for global change, it is of course important that we also connect with grassroots groups in the ‘developed’ world.

And, importantly, regional groups need to be able to connect with each other across the oceans, learn from each other and share common challenges, to build bridges of understanding and empathy between women from diverse cultures.


New Community Springs from Three Years of Social Networking

Safe World Community

"In a way, it feels like we have come full circle...."

Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo explains:  "On that blessed evening - 19th August 2009, around 8.30pm, at a public cybercafe... I stumbled across this social site... A few months later, I settled on establishing WFAC in the University of Buea."


Celebrating Community on International Peace Day

Pauline and Dave Frizzle

On the 21st September 2012, my elderly neighbour passed away. She was an integral part of everything that happened here, and was open and welcoming to everyone.
Through her, I learned the true meaning of community. It is appropriate that she chose to go on #PeaceDay 2012.


Where Silence Rules and Schools are Bombed


On Friday 7th September 2012, a girls school was blown up in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province in northern Pakistan. Two days later, another girls school was destroyed in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), also in northern Pakistan, about 100 miles east of the previous attack...


The Family Who Risks All for DR Congo


Several times a year, they make an arduous journey to one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

It's their home, and they are determined to help the forgotten survivors of violence and war crimes...