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Chris Crowstaff

The Second Hardest Thing I've Done

Mum birthday 4

 I told Mum I would take her home today but she thought she was already at home. It's increasingly hard to know when to correct Mum and when to go along with her imaginary world. This time, I decided not to correct her. Hoping that when she arrived home at her bungalow, half an hour away by car, with our son there, she would remember.

Dementia and the Importance of Family

Dad in A and E

Both our parents are widowed and have dementia - my mum has Alzheimer's Disease and my father-in-law has vascular dementia... Dad was sitting in his armchair as usual. However, another armchair was tipped over. Dad said that he'd fallen over. It was obvious that a bone was sticking out...

Alzheimer's - Looking on the Bright Side

Alzheimers poem 2

OK this is relatively early stages but, at the moment, it is still possible for me to see Alzheimer's in a positive light, at times. Mum has presumably had Alzheimer's for a lot longer than any of the family realised. In hindsight, I can see that Mum has been showing symptoms for several years...

Expecting the Unexpected - Alzheimer's

Teddies and Mum

Reading about Alzheimer's, it looks as though the condition progresses in a series of clear-cut stages... at some point the sufferer doesn't recognise even close relatives. I'm already beginning to realise, a week after my mum's diagnosis, it's not that simple.

What do we want for our daughters?

Cs daughter and Ugandan friends

On the 3rd July this year (my daughter's birthday), I will be at Covent Garden in London because Safe World for Women has been short-listed by the prestigous internet organisation - Nominet - for an award for 'Doing Good Online'.

The Digital Divide - Does it Matter? - #nia2014


A UNESCO report estimates that 200 million more men than women are online. The gender gap is due to various factors: chiefly a combination of cultural and economic. In developing countries, there is a 16 percent gender gap in internet access, compared to 2 percent in developed nations.