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Chris Crowstaff

Alzheimer's - Looking on the Bright Side

Alzheimers poem 2

OK this is relatively early stages but, at the moment, it is still possible for me to see Alzheimer's in a positive light, at times. Mum has presumably had Alzheimer's for a lot longer than any of the family realised. In hindsight, I can see that Mum has been showing symptoms for several years...

Expecting the Unexpected - Alzheimer's

Teddies and Mum

Reading about Alzheimer's, it looks as though the condition progresses in a series of clear-cut stages... at some point the sufferer doesn't recognise even close relatives. I'm already beginning to realise, a week after my mum's diagnosis, it's not that simple.

What do we want for our daughters?

Cs daughter and Ugandan friends

On the 3rd July this year (my daughter's birthday), I will be at Covent Garden in London because Safe World for Women has been short-listed by the prestigous internet organisation - Nominet - for an award for 'Doing Good Online'.

The Digital Divide - Does it Matter? - #nia2014


A UNESCO report estimates that 200 million more men than women are online. The gender gap is due to various factors: chiefly a combination of cultural and economic. In developing countries, there is a 16 percent gender gap in internet access, compared to 2 percent in developed nations.