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There are so many different things to consider when thinking about ethical shopping: water pollution, climate pollution, workers’ wages, animal rights, working conditions and more. It can often feel like an unmanageable task, which is why many people don’t bother with it...


Ayesha stated, “Standing up to racism, discrimination and harassment is an important part of encouraging people to speak up. Our communities need to know that there are venues where we can challenge systemic discrimination and racism. Our voices will always be heard and there is no power in the world to ignore us.”


We watch Shah Rukh Khan throw a skin whitening cream towards us with the message: The whiter the skin, the more attractive and successful one is. And we believe it. We rush to the nearest store to buy the items...


More than two-thirds of women journalists in the world are subject to pressure, threats and bad behavior around the world. This was uncovered during the Global Forum on Media and Gender, a conference jointly recently held in Bangkok...


In a tiny hamlet called Gangyap, a 16-woman basketball team is clinching women’s basketball trophies and grabbing the local news headlines... Most of these girls come from economically deprived families where gathering wood, milking the cows and cutting the fodder for livestock feeding consume most of their day’s work.


Northern Irish women were the leaders of their country's peace process... Despite this, women were all but excluded from the the official talks and meetings on the peace process, leaving the "hard work" to the men and the ground work to the women.


Sierra Leone, where do I start? Now that I am back in Ireland, I miss their passion and constant out pouring of love for others. You cannot learn selflessness from better teachers than Sierra Leoneans. Sierra Leone shocked and scared me sometimes, but it also taught me how to be a better human being...


The women and girls I met in Sierra Leone were beautiful, passionate, strong... [and yet] abuse was common and in many cases accepted as part of life, by the abuser, victim, and society.


My brothers and sisters: I am helpless, I can’t hear your parched voices. I am hundreds of kilometers away from you, but my engrossment, my prayers are with you.


At the very most, Nepalis have forgotten that their country was once recognised by a woman revolutionary leader who died fighting for her principles. The story of Yogmaya Neupane is an example of a leader who confronted the Rana rulers demanding good governance...


Take for example, Pakistan... The lack of understanding of Islam and rigid vision of the individual has created a male-dominated society... To create a better future for women and to bring them out from within the four walls of their houses as prisoners, their basic rights should be protected...


The worst thing about social disempowerment is that it facilitates economic disempowerment – and economic disempowerment facilitates structural oppression.... The disempowerment of women is actually the bedrock of the world economy.