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Berlyne Ngwentah

Berlyne Ngwalem Ngwentah

All the most prominent, biggest community and feminist movements to alleviate the sufferings of women and girls and support women’s involvement in education and leadership have been championed mostly by women...


With the Nkwen tradition where my mom comes from... From the time the man dies, the woman is forced to sit on the ground near a fire place and is not allowed to do any other activity. She has to forcefully mourn for a year, shave her hair bald and wear a black dress everyday for one year.


He justified his violent actions using his twisted understanding of the Bible when Jesus said, he quoted, “The kingdom of God suffered violence and the violent shall take it by force” (Mathew 11:12)...


We need trained counselors and ready health care providers who are accessible to victims... We need to make victims comfortable enough to speak out. Victims need to know that the law and society are there to protect and support them when they come forward.


Many Cameroonian men are not familiar with the term misandry, but they will refer to women’s rights activists who hold strong opinions about women’s and men’s equal places in society as man haters....