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Andaleeb Rizvi

Andaleeb Rizvi

Andaleeb Rizvi is a feminist, freethinking architect, blogger who dabbles in journalism and anything that is worth taking an interest in.
She teaches at Karachi University and believes in social justice and progressive politics.
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Mohenjo Daro is a record of not just Pakistan and India’s history and ancient heritage but the entire world.... One might even argue in favour of political parties using such locations as a trump card... but only if such a stage was not being set right atop the historically neglected but important UNESCO site.


The intellectuals are stuck in the rut about generals, because supporting paternal elites in their opinion is better than supporting the status quo...


I never understood this idea of 'temptation'... It simply translates to a woman being a living temptation in the society. A society which wants to regulate everything when it concerns women...


A regular day on the streets of Karachi…

An unfortunate man was beaten by a mob of 100 people in front of North Nazimabad Board Office Park.... I was shoved around by the crowd and told to go away, as it is not a place for women...