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Syria: Worries about blogger Fatima Khaled Saad

Fatima-Khaled-SaadSyria: Worries about blogger Fatima Khaled Saad

Safeworld International is worried about the fate of a young Syrian blogger, Fatima Khaled Saad, who reportedly has been held in prison in Syria since her arrest on the 28th of June.

According to Reporters Without Borders, security officials arrested Fatima, her father, Khaled Saad, and her brother during a search of their home.

They are said to have seized Fatima's digital camera, memory card and telephone.

Reporters Without Borders said. “It seems that Saad’s only crime was to have possessed recordings of songs praising the uprising by Syria’s youth.

Her father and brother were released but Fatima Saad was rushed to Latakia military hospital after being mistreated during a lengthy interrogation by intelligence officers.

On 17 July, she was transferred to the headquarters of the general intelligence department in Damascus where, according to some sources, she is being held in Section 291.

Reporters Without Borders is very concerned about her present physical condition.

If you are able to provide any further information

a) We are looking for details of any blogs Fatima has written
b) Contacts with friends or family
c) Any additional news about Fatima's health

Please write to

Send us a message on Twitter at @safeworld4women