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Partnering for advocacy in rural Kenya

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Jennifier Ali- A great shining star of Pakistan passed away!


Jennifier Ali- A great shining star of Pakistan passed away!

By Syed Mahmood Kazmi 

How to describe a young person full of energy, social activist, trainer, a person who is always ready to help people? Sometimes we don’t find words to describe such beautiful young souls and here we were with one, Jennifer Ali. Her affiliation with the humanity and serving others was very strong.  She went to UAE few weeks ago due to her work. On the night of February 27, she was walking on the road. A car hit her and she was injured badly. She couldn’t resist death and left all of us in this world.

I never met Jennifer Ali in person but we were very good friends through social media. She was always very supportive and kind to me. I remember our conversations where she gave me wonderful ideas and solutions about various problems. She said that we have to fight for our rights. If we struggle, we will get good fruit. And her support made me more courageous and I succeeded. She was a great hope for the people who were in trouble and suicidal. She was working to help them to live their lives.  She was making this world a HEAVEN for them.

Today, on March 01, 2013 it is her birthday. She would have many dreams but Allah has always the best for us. She was serving others without any personal gain or profit.

A paragraph from Jennifer's blog (which is ranking TOP 4 worldwide):

“Service to mankind is so ingrained in her blood that she chose to leave her Banking career and start her Non-Profit Organization and founded an organization to prevent ‘Suicide’ in Pakistan as well as initiated her Project called ‘ Heaven on Earth’”

You will always be remembered in our hearts!

Jennifer-Ali-trainingJennifer's Training SessionJennifer represented Pakistan on various occasions abroad and got a very good fame for the country.

She had thousands of friends worldwide who are sending condolences messages and feel lonely without her:

I met Jennifer in the Change course in UK, she is amazing, full of life, and can’t forget best times together. She planned to work in Dubai and when I told her that I hate my job and I hate the way my, she advised me to follow her and not to worry about financial issues:(.”

Jodi Mansour from Palestine.

She was a progressive lady, in so many ways. A lady that has the courage to talk about suicide prevention and integration of eunuchs on all TV stations around Pakistan and at the same time do small steps to change the lives of the people around her. Humble, smart, full of warmth, devotion and patience, she invested herself in everything she did, as well as in the challenge: future community. She was a brand!"

Bistra Kumbaroskafrom Slovenia.

"It is rare to find a young person who is so dedicated not just to doing something remarkable with her own life, but who makes it a priority to help others recognize their value and helps them find their feet so they can find the strength to do something remarkable of their own.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and your kindness.  You will be missed Jennifer." 

Hayley from Canada.

"A chirpy smile, a brave heart and a wonderful human being.  The above words define Jennifer completely.(Few words are never enough
for the person she was). A girl who felt for all sections for society, she was one who had created a HEAVEN ON EARTH for those who were in need.  A woman who fought for dignity of women and always said 'Life is a Precious gift of god, Cherish it.’  My hands still tremble to write this, I am unable to believe that she is no more with us." 

Apoorva Jain from India.

"You were a lively spirit igniting everyone hearts that you met. I remember always striking up a conversation with during the C:F Summit barely a year ago. Once for some reason, you noticed from a far that my eyes were twitching and the next break you were there applying Japanese Reiki and saying your words of assurance and comfort."

Sayanee Basu from India.

“I was a Jennifer’s roommate at CF Summit in 2012. She amazed me by her shining eyes and confidence in her future. She wanted to protect women’s rights in Pakistan and had a great vision of it. She was very generous and positive. Evening talks with her were inspiring and always left me in good mood. I lived with her just a few days, but can’t forget her beautiful smile. She is one of the best people that I have ever met. I will never forget Jennifer, such a hearty person."

Natalia Shulga from Russia.

Jennifer-Ali-2Jennifer Ali RIP“I remember her especially when we seated in the room in the hotel in our first day of meeting, she shared with her experience in life, and she was so open, so inspired, she told how she changed her life for fighting women rights in Pakistan. I was listening her and been inspired by her brave, strength of mind and her confidence in that she was doing! She is a real example to follow!!!"

Olga Toloknova from Slovenia

"She was a great person who always send messages how life is beautiful, that noone should never give his/her own life away because life is a gift -think that every person -friend should share her mission, she lived for a reason, she lived to learn us to love to life and she never should be forget and we should share her mission -learn people to love life and live and never give up."

Vesna Djukanovic from Montenegro.

Dear Jennifier Ali, You are in a very better place now. You made this world a Heaven for many. We will carry out your mission and will serve others. You are an inspiration.
I request all of you to please pray for her. May her soul rest in Peace. Amen

 Jennifer Ali's blog:

Jennifer Ali's Facebook Page

Syed-MahmoodSyed Mahmood Kazmi is a member of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan, and a student of MSc Sociology. youth activist, blogger, emergency response team leader, youth & volunteering advocate and social worker in Pakistan.



Twitter: @SMahmoodKazmi

Facebook: s.mahmood.kazmi