Aware Uganda

Vision, Mission & Objectives

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To promote women’s active involvement in development of their communities to raise their standard of living.


To empower Karamoja women build their confidence, and status through their participation in groups in which they can determine programs to secure livelihoods of their families.

Core Value

All indigenous communities to live in dignity, with respect, and to enjoy their Human Rights and build their livelihoods.


  • To improve the livelihoods of women through access to modern farming methods/tools, entrepreneurial skills, functional adult literacy, saving and loans schemes to boost household income and food security.
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of the community particularly women on prevention, care, support and management of HIV/AIDS and other health impact on the family and community.
  • To educate women and wider community on land ownership, domestic violence prevention and reporting avenues and justice systems to seek redress for human rights violations and abuses experienced.


  • To promote collective development and eliminate isolation, loneliness and ignorance among women members, through collective participation, exchange of ideas on matters affecting the welfare of women in Karamoja region and the neighbouring districts.
  • To fight the low status which is accorded to women by the Karamojong culture.
  • To assist women in achieving professional excellence in the chosen trades of AWARE-Uganda projets, to also promote and protect their decision-making roles.
  • To enrich all households, especially grassroots women-headed households and people living with HIV/AIDS through utilising and exploiting the available resources.
  • To promote Primary health care, including traditional birth attendance for safe motherhood, through cleaner and more hygienic practices.
  • To promote respect for the environment