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Our vision is a country without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity and having the secure life and its facilities.


Struggle of Community Development and to empower the People by providing the opportunity to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility and fellowship necessary to create positive change.


  1. To provide Service Delivery for basic facilities of life in remote areas.
  2. Struggle to eradicate Social Evils and Poverty from the Community and to provide conducive atmosphere for the Human Development.
  3. Struggle for development activities through participatory approach.
  4. Strengthen and Empower People Politically, Socially and economically.
  5. To provide Advocacy, Information, Personnel Technical Support & Training.
  6. Create socio-economic and Human Rights Awareness.


SDTS' focus is to uplift the social and economic status of the poor and marginalized communities in general – and women  in particular, so as to facilitate an initiation of the development process in Sindh, Pakistan.

SDTS engages in many programs in diverse fields, including: community health, health education training, women's  health, education, and vocational training, basic education, and teacher trainings.