Sewa Development Trust Sindh (SDTS) is a non-sectarian, non-denominational, non-profit organisation that was founded by a group of leading development social and human Rights activists in 2002.

Where We Are

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SDTS' is based in the Sindh province of Pakistan and we have established a Vocational Training Centre for Women at Muhalla Nizamani Khairpur to build skills an professional training for women.

Who We Are

SDTS is lead by Ms. Amber Balouch, Chairperson and laureate winner of the Women’s World Summit Foundation Switzerland (WWFS) award for the year 2002 in the field of “rural women’s creativity”.

SDTS has matrix management system in a flat structure supported by:

A 13 members Supreme Council including Board of Trustees & Board of Directors collective as the overall Policy making body.
Managing Director & Staff Managers responsible for Policy Implementation and Planning, Training and Monitoring of Program projects.

The Head Office is based at Khairpur District with a combined field and office staff of some 41 persons. The office is well equipped with a Training Hall and accessories.

SDTS is working in the Sindh province of Pakistan which is located close to the Arabian Sea, and its main fresh water source is the Indus River. Due to a heavy monsoon season, Pakistan experienced the worst floods in its history, with heavy rainfall and flash floods.

All staff members at the Training Centre are women; female instructors are appointed for sewing/tailoring and embroidery work.  The centre is fully equipped with furniture, auto power zigzag and sewing machines.