Newlife_logo_IndiaNew Life came into existence in the year 1993 with the help of philanthropists from various fields including agriculture, engineering and medicine.

New Life designs projects based on surveys of the socio-economic problems of the project area and supports the poor, abused and abandoned children and women by executing the projects with defined goals/objectives.


To bring to mainstream the women and their children who are far behind their counterparts in socio-economic status.


The current projects of New Life include orphanages for children of incarcerated parents, saving children from child labour, ensuring primary education for the rural children in India,

Early learning centres for children of vulnerable community groups, 'Read to Lead' Project, taking care of the medical needs of physically and mentally handicapped children children.


New Life believes in the support, knowledge source of volunteers, from overseas and locally, and therefore has designed tailor made volunteer programmes that attempts to suit the volunteers on vocations/holidays/few hours a week.There are opportunities available for online volunteering for in-distance supporters of our organisation too. If you can spare some time to help us in our work, please join us as a volunteer. .