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The Safe World Field Partners Programme helps give a voice to grassroots women's groups around the world.

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Women's economic empowerment helps survivors in rural DRC

The programme COFAPRI has implemented... includes animal rearing, sewing and knitting activities and small businesses. In addition, we sponsor the school education of children born of raped mothers by paying their school fees and providing school materials.

Alliance News


What Are African Diaspora Doing About Ebola?

One Sierra Leonean in the diaspora, Memuna, was not going to let people go hungry... this has led to the birth of Lunchboxgift. We have teamed up with the diaspora led charity 'Let Them Help Themselves Out of Poverty'... This will enable us to pool resources…

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Kirsten with Kenyan artisans

Empowering women through design in Kenya

By Kirsten Dickerson from Raven + Lily This year I found myself excitedly getting on a plane to Kenya to meet with groups of women artisans who will be handcrafting new collections for Raven + Lily. Because of our long-term commitment to the Maasai women in…

World News


Is Moscow's Transport Unsafe for Women? Muscovite Women Respond...

“I’ve witnessed an unpleasant incident when an elderly grandma tried to get in before the doors closed but only her arms and bag made it yet not one single man tried to help her by opening the slammed doors." - Didar (21), a veterinary science student.


Refugee 'Women on the Bridges' Along the Thai-Burma Border for Women's Day

By Mitos Urgel, Executive Director, WEAVE


Women Join Together in Multiple Peace Marches

Karenni-Site1Karenni Site1, Ban Mai Nai SoiOn March 8, 20112, WEAVE Foundation (Women's Education for Advancement and Empowerment) celebrated women around the world for International Women's Day.

Together with our refugee community partners, simultaneous peace marches were held towards the bridges of Karenni Site 1, Karenni Site 2 in Mae Hong Son Province and in Umpiem Mai, Tak Province Thailand. Over 500 refugee women, young girls, children and men were part of this historic event.Karenni-Site2Karenni Site2, Ban Mae Surin

Standing at their respective bridges, they joined in solidarity with the rest women of the world in the "Join Us in the Bridge", the world's largest women's rights solidarity campaign to build peace and hope for our future.

Karenni-Site-1Karenni Site1, Ban Mai Nai SoiAnd as well, they called for an end to violence against women in areas of conflict, for women to have equal right in decision-making processes, and for women to have equal access to livelihoods opportunities and fair and just employment/income.


Honouring Karenni Women Leaders

Thramu-YumalayThramu Yumalay

We honoured two inspirational and highly committed Karenni refugee women leaders: Naw--SaramooNaw Dina, WSP Officer (right) and Saramoo Kumo (left)

  • Thramu Yumalay, our Nursery School Coordinator in Karenni Site 2 for her 19 years of service and dedication to early learning and development of refugee children, and
  • Saramoo Kumo, the Local Coordinator of the Women Study Program (WSP) in Karenni Site2 for her activism in advancing women's rights, she was with WSP since 2005.

Women as a Bridge to Peace and Hope

Art competition and essay writing contests focusing on the "roles of women as bridge to peace and hope" were also held.Childrens-ArtworksGallery of Pre-School Children’s Artworks, KNWO Office, Karenni Site2, Ban Mae Surin

As part of this month's activities, WEAVE Foundation's collection of pictures showcasing nursery school-age children's artworks and women refugees are displayed and available for viewing at the Karenni National Women's Organization's (KNWO) office in Karenni Site2, Ban Mae Surin, Thailand. The artwork display is part of WEAVE's fundraising initiatives to support the nursery school program on the Thai-Burma border.

Let's Advance the Status of Refugee Women

On  International Women's Day, women around the world envisioned a peaceful world and a better future:
and so have we.

We believe that together we can.


WEAVE-2012-IWD-2We invite you to join WEAVE Foundation in advancing the status and the development of refugee and displaced women and children!