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The Safe World Field Partners Programme helps give a voice to grassroots women's groups around the world.

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Working at the Grassroots to Prevent the Spread of Ebola

"There are mixed feelings in our communities... People who were given soap by government health workers during the nationwide lockdown refused to use the soap for fear of it being injected with the Ebola virus." Santigie Bayo Dumbuya, Founder of WYCF.

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What Are African Diaspora Doing About Ebola?

One Sierra Leonean in the diaspora, Memuna, was not going to let people go hungry... this has led to the birth of Lunchboxgift. We have teamed up with the diaspora led charity 'Let Them Help Themselves Out of Poverty'... This will enable us to pool resources…

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Sister Sky gives back to community

Sister Sky "Gives Back" with Abalone Woman Bracelets

By Marina Turning-Robe from Sister Sky When we launched the Abalone Woman bracelets, we knew the story of Abalone Woman would resonate with so many who are concerned with ending domestic violence. The oral stories of our heritage touch our spirit, teach us…

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Is Moscow's Transport Unsafe for Women? Muscovite Women Respond...

“I’ve witnessed an unpleasant incident when an elderly grandma tried to get in before the doors closed but only her arms and bag made it yet not one single man tried to help her by opening the slammed doors." - Didar (21), a veterinary science student.

Burn victim

Protecting Vulnerable Children in Uganda

By Christopher Kayongo, Director, Hope Children's Centre, January 2012

Waking up to the Smell of Smoke: Josephine

JosephineJosephineRecently, a child who suffered burns has been under the care of Hope Children’s Centre.

Josephine was left asleep in her home and was unaware of a traditional candle that was left burning by her mother – who had gone out to earn money for food stuffs for the day.

Josephine woke up to the smell of smoke that was choking her to death.

Unable to see, she staggered to the door, but could not make it. She opted for the direction of the window – only to feel the heavy collapse of the roofing. Burnt badly, she lost consciousness and was rescued by the villagers, who put out the fire and rushed her to a health centre near Hope Children’s Centre. Her condition worsened in 24 hours and the medical personnel could not handle the case, nor transport her to a big hospital.

Hope Children’s Centre was contacted for help as her mother was not able to care for her badly injured daughter.

Since that day seven months ago, Hope Children’s Centre has supported Josephine medically, morally and financially – but it is a constant challenge to find the resources to continue supporting her.

Tackling Child Sacrifice & Abuse

Hope Children's Centre has continued its Training and Sensitization of Women in Child Development, Protection and Women Empowerment, in order to tackle issues of child abuse and domestic violence, which are commonplace, as a result of widespread incidents of child sacrifice.

These cases have mainly targeted orphans as they are vulnerable.

The trainings and sensitizations target the caretakers of these disadvantaged families and communities where the orphans come from.

New Call for VolunteersHope-Childrens-Centre

The volunteering page on our website has been created in anticipation of getting volunteers to visit the centre and offer services to the children. We hope this will encourage an exchange of ideas among volunteers, as well provide them an opportunity to learn new technologies, and experience new cultures.

This will not only expose the centre to the outside world, but also strengthen partnerships with the volunteers and who can then act as recommenders for the centre.

Read more about volunteering with Hope Children's Centre