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At a time when patients and providers are facing obstacles on many fronts, these successes demonstrate the positive outcomes that are possible... These ideas have helped reduce health disparities among vulnerable populations and have the potential to stimulate widespread gains in additional settings.

Gun show

It can only be hoped the blatant hypocrisy of this act of horrific violence resonates within popular opinion and finally leads to a change in attitudes towards gun control in the United States, though history does not suggest that any change will be immediately forthcoming.

Invisible War

Military sexual trauma is now the leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder among female service members... U.S. Department of Defence figures reveal that 80% of female sexual assault survivors do not report cases at all.

Charleston Memorial Service

The Charleston shooting, in South Carolina, occured on the night of the 17th June following a Bible study session which the shooter attended along with his future victims. The shooting has led to yet more calls to amend gun legislation across the US to ensure that further atrocities cannot occur...


Courtenay Forbes interviews Kelly Hickman: "I think that the death penalty is wrong for a myriad of reasons, and for those same reasons I don’t feel like there are any crimes that would justify its use...."


Students report significantly less stress and depression, and greater self-esteem, than nonparticipants. With stress levels down, achievement has markedly improved...


"Be That Guy" is a campaign by the human rights organisation Breakthrough. It encourages men to speak up when they see violence against women in any form...


May 2013: Sister Megan said her only regret was waiting so long to stage her protest. Supporters in the courtroom wept and sang a hymn as the judge left...


May 2013: “Because she spoke out against the Iraq War, Kim’s sentence is harsher than the punishment given to 94 percent of deserters.." - said the defense attorney.


Dec 2012: In New York City, where the rape kit backlog has been eliminated, its arrest rate for rape jumped from 40% to 70%. But thousands of rape kit results remain waiting to be analysed...


I had been the “property” of a pedophile ring since age five. Customers could rent a child. This usually included rape, torture, bondage and choking or hanging to the point of being unconscious....

Solitary Confinement for Children in the USA

In the USA, they don't let teens under 18 vote. They can't buy cigarettes or beer. Yet there is no problem treating them like adults when they are sent to jail for serious crimes...