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Suzy and Hamid founders of SOS Syrian Children

"My husband is Syrian and it was our dream to spend more time in his country... In October 2011, we left without knowing it would be years until we could go back. Home in Belgium, we saw the situation get worse and worse... all at once I got the idea to do something for the Syrian people."

A Syrian woman in Turkey prays for those left behind. EPA/Tolga Bozoglu

Sept 2012: In Syria, rape is being used by armed groups as a means to an end. In this context, reports have emerged detailing the use of sexual violence by Syrian armed forces and paramilitaries loyal to Assad.


July 2012 - via Iraq Solidarity News: In 2008, Iraqi activist and journalist Hana Ibrahim fled from her home in Baghdad to Damascus, taking her two children with her. They had grown up under sanctions and war, and had as such never enjoyed the level of security they found in Syria. But even that has become a thing of the past.


April 2011. Anushay Hossain: In 'Vogue', Asma Al-Assad talked about how her house is run on "wildly democratic principles" from chandeliers to sofas.. but outside they've been running a dictatorship for over 30 years...