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Kulsoom Rizvi reports on her trip to the Akre Refugee Camp, Erbil: "The Castle Art Project provides a creative outlet for youth to express themselves and forget for a second that they’re refugees."


Jan 2012: By Maryam Zar - Albert Einstein once famously said "one cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war."....

Women in Egypt

Dec 2011: A massive rally by Egyptian women that followed earlier, violent and degrading treatment by security forces, represents only part of the fury and apprehension felt by many women in the region...

roni aloni

June 2011: By Roni Aloni-Sadovnik - "Future peace agreements must include mutual engagement from both parties for the improvement of women's rights and human rights..."


Feb 2011: 'The role of women in the great upheaval in the Middle East has been woefully under-analysed. Women in Egypt did not just "join" the protests – they were a leading force behind the cultural evolution that made the protests inevitable...."

ambassador hind khoury

Jan 2011: By Irit Hakim - 'Ambassador Khoury, former PLO Ambassador to France, urges more women to get up and take part in the Middle East peace process - "The need is urgent because events are happening fast."'