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Nov 2015 panel

Iris Kagan Hachmon opened the evening: "...It is important to remember that what begins overt or covert violence against women – is violating society as a whole.” .... Dr. Inbal Vilombski talked about the need for female solidarity as a lever for social change.


In recent years there have been social protests – which were led by women, and political protests which were led by leftist parties, with a significant participation of women. There is a very great awakening of women leaders. Not only in politics, but also in social activity.


Domestic violence increases in wartime... "More than 7,000 women [in Israel} were treated in shelters and by authorities in the last year... Only one percent of the total of 200,00 violent men arrive for treatment in the domestic violence prevention centers" - Iris Kagan.

Business can help heal the wounds of conflict, bringing the victims of warring communities together. Photograph: David Silverman/Getty Images

Sindyanna of Galilee, a female-led fair trade association, is working to encourage understanding between Arabs and Jews in Israel by selling local producers' olive oil worldwide and investing profits in educating women, bridging cultural divides...


Nov 2013: By Irit Hakim - A coalition of 30 Israeli feminist groups released "A Comprehensive Action Plan for the Application of United Security Council (UNSCR) Resolution 1325” at a public conference in Jaffa...


Feb 2013: Irit Hakim reports from 1325 Women Making Peace Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel...


June 2012: By Irit Hakim - "The belief in a political solution of the Middle East conflict has globally disintegrated to nothing. There is a need to find another way to achieve this..."


By Irit Hakim:  "I joined a group of people to visit a unique centre in Galilee. Led by women striving for social change, it operates within the Arab population of the Galilee region..."


Nov 2011: By Irit Hakim - A group of women gathered in the city of Rishon le Zion, to mark the day UN's International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women...


May 2011: Roni Aloni Asdovnik leads the Task Force Agents on Human Trafficking in Israel. She writes - "The client is paying for the rape yet he is not classed as part of the criminal world like the prostitute and the pimp..."


Hundreds of thousands of women in Israel are routinely exposed to some kind of violence: physical, sexual, emotional, verbal and economic...

Roni Alone - Child Sex Abuse survivor

Dec 2010: "Many years ago, when we, the girls of the seventies, got up from the dead, there were no adult victims to talk to us.."