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December 2013

Sources have reported that the health of jailed activist Maryam Shafipour – held behind bars in the women’s ward of Evin prison - continues to deteriorate. In the past week her high blood pressure reached dangerous levels rendering her unconscious and she was transferred to the prison’s infirmary.

According to CHRR despite the recommendation by the prison physician that Shafipour immediately receive an MRI, the prison authorities did not comply. In addition during the past weeks Maryam Shafipour has been suffering from extreme toothache but she has not been seen by a dentist nor been allowed to receive medical attention for her teeth.

Maryam Shafipour, detained since August 5, 2013 had her first court session on October 21, 2013 and her second court date has been set for January 1, 2014 at Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Salavati. According to her father, Maryam Shafipour is accused of “conspiracy against national security.” A source close to the family has said that the charges brought against the student activist are “baseless” and “unfounded.” The source emphasized that there has been no proof or evidence substantiating any of the charges brought against Shafipour, and that the investigators seem to be holding a personal vendetta against her. In an earlier interview with the Kaleme website, Maryam Shafipour’s father said, “The type of charges brought against Maryam and her treatment are reminiscent of the manner in which intelligence officials conducted themselves in 2009 [during the unrest following the contested presidential election results.] The way they have dealt with her is as if this case has been left behind from those days.”

A source close to the family said regarding Maryam Shafipour’s physical condition, “even though she has lost a lot of weight and is in poor health, she is in very good spirits and denies all charges brought against her.”

Maryam Shafipour is a former agricultural engineering student from Qazvin International University who was suspended after 2 semesters and was expelled from university on her eighth semester due to her student activities and her weblog. In 2009 she served in the presidential election campaign of Mehdi Karroubi who has been under house arrest. Shafipour was first detained in 2010 and was handed a one-year suspended prison term by the Qazvin Revolutionary Court.

Shafipour was handed a summons to appear at the Prosecutor’s office in mid July of this year. She appeared at Branch 2 of Evin prison’s Shahid Moghoddas Court on August 5th per the summons order and was subsequently detained and transferred behind bars in Evin prison. She remains behind bars in the women’s ward despite her ailing health and need for medical care.

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