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Source: Persianboo

Dec 2012

Sotoudeh’s Husband Warns: On Day 47 of Hunger Strike Nasrin’s Health is Dire, Might Not Be Able To Stand By Next Visit

It is late at night of the 47th day of Nasrin Sotoudeh’s hunger strike. At 11:20 PM, December 2nd, her husband Reza Khandan posted on his FB page:

"Nasrin continues to be on hunger strike. She is not asking for any extra amenities for herself, nor does she have any illegal or impossible requests.

She does not want for her child, who for the past nineteen months has not been allowed even one 30 second call with her mother, to be pursued by the Judiciary, or to have cases fabricated against her on account of her mother who is a political prisoner and is obviously innocent.

Her current physical condition has reached a stage that I doubt very much she will be able to stand on her own by next week’s visit.

Dizziness, impaired vision, unsteadiness walking, and low blood pressure, along with excessive weight loss, are warning signs of her dire health condition, .

She does not tolerate any pressure put on her to break her hunger strike. She says, “The fact that they resist lifting the travel ban on our daughter Mehraveh, means that their plans for her go much further. And, if I had not gone on a hunger strike they intended to start the next stage of their plan.

I spoke with few of her cellmates who were very worried for her and said that in the last two days her body is rejecting liquids."

US Calls for Nasrin's Release

On Friday the US State Department called for Nasrin's release.

Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said: “We demand the Iranian government cease its intolerable mistreatment of Sotoudeh and immediately release her and the more than 30 other female political prisoners detained in Evin Prison.”

Nasrin began her hunger strike in protest against the restrictions placed on her family visits and the pressure that officials put on her husband and daughter. She maintains that the restrictions violate her rights as a prisoner as stipulated in the prison regulations.


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