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 Navid Mohebbi

Navid Mohebbi is a teenage women's rights advocate and blogger.

Nasrin Sotoudeh in UK Times Newspaper

Dec 2010: “If you are going to hell then go like a man,” Nasrin told The UK Times in a message sent from Evin prison in Tehran via her husband, Reza Khandan. “Let them give me a harsh sentence because that brings a person honour.”


Nov 2010: Joanne Michele interviewed Reza Khandan: "If any government can block the power of a human rights attorney, its hands are free to treat its critics and opponents in any manner it desires. Unfortunately the international community allowed the government to break this barrier..."

Sussan Tahmasebi

Oct 2010: Human Rights Watch honors Sussan Tahmasebi for her dedication to promoting civil society and making women's rights a national priority in Iran.

Shahla Jahed - Noose around her neck

1st Dec 2010: By Chris Crowstaff - "How can we do something to prevent this execution happening? Surely there is something that can be done? But slowly the reality sunk in..."


On 1st December 2010, Shahla Jahed was executed. She became a household name in Iran in 2003, when her murder trial was filmed. Safe World followed her final moments on Twitter.



Safe World interviews Sarah about her experiences in Evin Prison, Iran.

Sarah Shourd

Nov 2010: Chris Crowstaff interviewed Sarah Shourd, two months after her release from Evin Prison.

United Nations Logo

Nov 2010: The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly’s strong approval of a draft resolution, condemning Iran for grave human right violations....


Nov 2010: Rochelle Terman remembers meeting Hengameh Shahidi, subsequently imprisoned in Iran: 'She looked at me and said plainly, "Is what you're doing good for women? That's all you have to think about. Is it a good change for women?"'


Nov 2010: Sarah says an emotional thank you to supporters and also asks for further efforts for one 'final push' to ask the Iranian authorities to release Shane and Josh...


''I am hoping for a world without violence and humiliation....  I wish a society without violence, oppression and without gender-specific violence."