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April 2011: Award-winning Iranian human rights activist and lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, was transferred from ward 209 at Evin Prison to the Methadone Quarantine Ward* reserved for addicts and dangerous criminals.


By Elahe Amani: 'Bahareh and other younger political prisoners all over the world are passionate souls who strive to live in a safe world, a just world, and a world that embraces equality and dignity for all.'


April 2011: By Sussan Tahmasebi - 'Bahareh turned 30 in Evin prison on April 5th. Last year for Bahareh’s birthday we gathered in her home to celebrate. I arrived there with trepidation...'


April 2011: Chris Crowstaff interviews Melody Moezzi: -"When my parents were in Iran, there were British fancy country clubs that had signs outside that said 'no dogs or Iranians allowed'..."

Shane Bauer Sarah Shourd Josh Fattal

Sarah Shourd was released from Evin Prison, on bail, in September 2010. Sarah's fiance, Shane, and their friend, Josh, were released in September 2011.

Mahsa Vahdat

April 2011: Joanne Michele interviews Mahsa Vahdat - "Most of my students are female and they come to class with the eagerness to learn traditional Persian singing... Music belongs to all humans regardless of gender or faith."


April 2011: Nasrin Sotoudeh is an Iranian human rights lawyer, widely respected for her efforts on behalf of juveniles facing the death penalty and for her defense of prisoners of conscience.


Feb 2011: Safe World's founder, Chris Crowstaff, talked to Miriam Ellia about her friendship with Hengameh who, at the time, was in prison in Iran.

Zahara Bahrami and daughter

Jan 2011: in the midst of the uprising in Egypt, Iran quietly went ahead and executed a Dutch mother, without the knowledge of her lawyer or the Dutch government and before her trial was completed...


"I think it’s so important for us, as Muslims, who fully believe in fighting oppression, that we stand up for these other communities..."


Aug 2010: "Backs do not bend under the weight of a cage that weight is lighter than a fly’s wings. Despite justice and freedom, and contrary to the universe, the crime of truth is what we feel, imprisoned."


Dec 2010: Mehrangiz Kar was the inspiration for the young Nasrin training as a Human Rights Lawyer, now in jail in Iran. Mehrangiz says: "Nasrin is a very, very honest woman. She has a very beautiful mind".