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27 year old Houriyeh hanged in 2007

October 2011: Resources used in the compilation of the Safe World Report - Iran: Execution of Women and Children.


Aug 2011: Two years after millions took to the streets to protest the elections, the head of the Iranian judiciary announced that 'only one person was killed by government forces'...

Delara Darabi

Delara Darabi  was sentenced to death by hanging when she was only 16 years old. She was convicted of murdering her father's female cousin in 2003. Although Delara initially claimed that she had committed the crime, she subsequently recanted.

Prior to her death a film, Prisoner of Colors, was made about her.


Aug 2011: According to Reza Khandan, Nasrin Sotoudeh's husband, he and his family were detained for a several hours, when they arrived to visit Sotoudeh at Evin prison.

Iranian women protesting

July 2011: Five hundred Iranian Womens Rights activists call on medical and social work professionals to treat victims of rape with sympathy and to support them in their attempt to return to their normal lives.

Maryam Majd - arrested sports journalist

Joanne Michele talks to Maryam Mirza, friend of Maryam Majd: "This is a nightmare.  I can't believe, even in the worst totalitarian system, that Maryam could be considered a dangerous person..."

Maryam Majd Missing In Iran

June 2011: Photojournalist Maryam Majd is feared to have been held by security officials before boarding a flight from Tehran to Düsseldorf, Germany, where she intended to cover the Fifa Women's World Cup...


By Elahe Amani:  "The negative stereotypes and discrimination against what is not “the norm” are deeply embedded in our value system and patterns of behavior...."


May 2011: "Hello my dearest Nima, What should I tell you my son? Last week you asked me "Mommy are you coming home with us today?" and I was forced to respond in plain view of the security agents..."


April 2011: Husband of imprisoned human rights lawyer - "My son is unable to cope. He has lost all hope. Last night during a short telephone conversation with his mother he broke down and told her that she was never going to come back."


"I think society and governments in particular will use whatever they can to perpetuate misogyny, to perpetuate sexism, and they’ve done so. If they didn’t have religion, they would have used – and they have used – political systems..."


May 2011: "To my dearest Mehraveh, my daughter, my pride and joy, I greet you from Evin’s ward 209 and hope that you are doing well. I come to you without concerns, sadness and tears and instead greet you with a heart filled with love..."