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Aug 2012:  Christinea Ryerson interviews Maryam Al-Khawaja - "After a very violent torture session my father was subjected to, my father said to the man who had just finished torturing him: 'I forgive you'..."


June 2012: Interview with two of Barhrain's women medics - “Four masked men with guns in their pockets called me and four other doctors, before escorting us to the criminal investigation department...  "

Asma Darwish

March 2012: Interview by Joanne Michele - 'When we first spoke in December, Asma's 16-year old cousin had just been released after two months in prison....


March 2012: Amongst the deported foreigners was an Irish national, Elaine Murtagh: "I led a women’s protest to stop the abuse of children in Bahrain... I knew I would be arrested, and I didn't care...."

Dr Nada Dhaif, sentenced to 15 years

Sept 2011: Twenty Bahraini medics who treated activists wounded during anti-government protests were jailed for between five and 15 years...

Bahrian: Dozens are detained in prison facing torture and humiliation for participating in peaceful protests.

Sept 2011: Bahrain center for Human Rights strongly condemns the ongoing crackdown against the peaceful protesters in Bahrain, specially the repression and detention of a great number of Bahraini women...