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Community Vigil for Malala Yousufzai

Saturday, 20th October - 7 pm to 8.30 pm

Civic leaders in Birmingham have organised a vigil and multi-faith prayer for Malala Yousufzai, a 14 year old girl from Pakistan, who was victim of a callous terrorist attack and is now receiving medical support in Birmingham.

Like many across the world, the people of Birmingham are shocked and saddened to hear of Malala’s plight and stand united in condemning the horrific incident which was the result of her campaigning for educational facilities for girls in the Swat region of Pakistan.
The people of Birmingham have been inspired by the courageous and heroic nature of Malala Yousufzai and want to show our unflinching support and admiration for her and the many young women in similar situations.

This Saturday 20th October, leaders, activists and well-wishers will join together in solidarity for Malala and all victims of violence and also offer a collective multi-faith prayer for Malala’s speedy recovery.

ALL WELCOME to attend for a cross community vigil and collective prayer:

  • Day: Saturday
  • Date: 20th October 2012
  • Time: 7 pm-8.30 pm
  • Venue: Chamberlain Square, Birmingham City Centre, B1 1BB (outside Central Library)
  • Host for the vigil: Salma Yaqoob


Confirmed speakers:

  • Shahida Choudhry (Womens Networking Hubb)
  • Jess Phillips (Womens Aid)
  • Najma Hafeez (MOSAIC)
  • Councillor Waseem Zaffer (Birmingham City Council)
  • Amy Fallon (Amnesty)


Organised by the Women's Networking Hub

"We stand in solidarity with our sister Malala"
Founder, Women's Networking Hub

For further information, please contact:

Shahida Choudhury | | 0758 387 0568
Aisha Iqbal | | 0782 568 8020
Councillor Waseem Zaffar | .uk | 0779 016 1889

From the hospital website:


Online Actions to Take

Call to action #No.1

Write/email the prime minister's office:

Dear Prime Minister Raja Pervez

The shock in Pakistan and globally over the attack on Malala Yusufzai and her two classmates demonstrates that people of all walks of life and from all over the world recognise the universal right of women and girls to education and the same opportunities as men and boys.

Malala Yusufzai has campaigned for girls’ access to education in her region since she was 11 years old, and her father continues to run one of the few girls’ schools in the Swat valley despite constant threats from the Taliban. Malala’s and her family’s courage and strength are an inspiration to us all.

The attack on Malala highlights the extreme dangers faced by human rights activists in northwest Pakistan. Women’s rights activists in particular live under constant threats from the Taliban, other armed groups as well as some religious groups. We are deeply alarmed by the Taliban’s statement that Malala’s life would not be spared if she survived the attack.

The Pakistan government must also acknowledge that the threat faced by human rights defenders comes not just from the Taliban but others in the society who seek to justify their abuses as defence of religious sentiments. These elements are emboldened when the state fails to bring perpetrators of attacks on activists to justice.

We call on you to:

  • Bring the perpetrators of this brutal attack, and other attacks on human rights defenders, to justice. Suspects must be tried in fair procedures and without resort to the death penalty, while sending a clear message that perpetrators of abuses are not above the rule of law;
  • Publicly affirm support for human rights defenders and their right to carry out their work free from threats, attacks and intimidation;
  • Ensure protection to Malala and her family, classmates and other activists whom the Taliban have reiterated they will continue to attack;
  • Urgently make all the legal and policy reforms necessary to address the threats faced by activists working on women’s rights across Pakistan to safeguard their vital work, in accordance with the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders of 1998.


Targets and addresses:

His Excellency Raja Pervez Ashraf
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Prime Minister House

Fax: + 92 51 9221596
E-mail: or

His Excellency Asif Ali Zardari
President of Pakistan
President's Secretariat

Fax: +92 51 9207458

Mr. Amir Haider Hoti
Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Chief Minister House


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