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By Elahe Amani: Even in the societies where women’s advances and more protective rights are in place, sexual assault is still considered a crime that is most often not fully reported...

Woman protests in Turkey in handcuffs

March 2012: Women’s rights activists have criticised the Turkish government over a new domestic violence law which they say was watered down before it was passed on March 8.


Feb 2012: The report, from Islington-based charity Asylum Aid, claims that a “culture of disbelief” exists among staff at the agency, which results in female asylum seekers not being believed when they say they have been raped...

Alistair Grimason

A father who's two year old son was killed by a stray bullet, helps launch Amnesty International's campaign to control the arms trade. A trade which has a devastating impact on the lives of women.


Feb 2012: An Eastern European woman who claimed she was gang raped while pregnant was arrested and imprisoned during the trial in the Republic of Ireland because she refused to give evidence...

Diana Nammi - Director: Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation

Feb 2012: Islington charity, Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation, says that vulnerable women are being turned away from refuges because they don’t speak fluent English... the charities are unable to afford translators...


One in four women in England will experience an act of domestic violence during her lifetime.

Natalie Palmer reports on government cuts to domestic violence support services in England.

Lego figurines, Kinder surprises and other toys played the role of 'demonstrators'.  | Photo: Sergey Teplyakov/vkontakte

January 2012: Police in Siberian city ask prosecutors to investigate legality of protest involving display of toy figures holding miniature placards...


Melina is a social worker and president of a Roma youth initiative called Be My Friend. “Education had helped me overcome my problems, so I wanted to support others to do the same...”

A woman, centre, is led away by police after they raided a house on the Lisburn Road in south Belfast during an operation linked to human trafficking in May 2009.

Ulster is proud of its historic record of barring slave ships from its ports. But today every town in the province stands accused of complicity in the sexual exploitation of vulnerable foreign women and children. 

Stephen Craig was jailed for more than three years for running the trafficking network, while his girlfriend Sarah Beukan was jailed for a year and a half. Photo: PA

October 2011. Among the victims were two students who had become trapped in prostitution because they were desperate to pay off student loans. One had been studying medicine at a top Scottish university.

Rebecca Jones

Live Fear Free is a campaign by the Welsh Government as part of its ongoing Right to Be Safe agenda – a six-year integrated strategy for tackling all forms of violence against women.