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Savita died of septicaemia, in Ireland on 28th October 2012... Savita had asked several times if the pregnancy could be terminated, as she was in excruciating pain....


Nov 2012: Norwegian PEN has awarded this year´s Ossietzky prize to Norwegian-Pakistani  singer, music producer, composer, film maker and human rights activist Deeyah....


A study found that, after analysing nine national newspapers for four consecutive weeks, 78 percent of all front-page articles were written by men compared to only 22 percent by women...


Oct 2012: By Peter Hilton - "Savile’s crimes have revealed a distressing undercurrent of abuse within the world of popular culture and celebrity...."


Community Vigil for Malala Yousufzai - 20th October 2012. Organized by the Women's Networking Hub.


Oct 2012: Eimear Clabby interviews Maura Harrington: “We were always ignored, politically, and every other way until we were discovered by Shell. We were considered bog-trotters.”


Sept 2012: Hadia Tajik has become Norway’s youngest government minister, as well as the first ever Muslim cabinet member... She has pointed out that cultural diversity should become an inalienable part of Norway’s everyday life...


Banaz Mahmod was brutally murdered by her own family, in an honour killing. Produced and directed by Deeyah, the film contains heart-breaking footage of Banaz herself, detailing the horrors she was facing and accurately predicting her own brutal murder...


Aug 2012: Maria Stambler met Violetta Volkova in Moscow, to ask about her work - "Pussy Riot’s freedom is everyone’s freedom now. Our parents’, children’s, relatives’, everyone’s freedom..."


Aug 2012: Maria Stambler met Violetta Volkova in Moscow, to ask about her work - "We understand that we face very serious risks.. because obviously the government will not let us be and do our jobs..."


April 2012: By Ena Keco - "Rape was a tool and strategy used in the siege of Bosnia, and it is due to this, that rape was first properly recognised as a weapon of war after the conflict in Bosnia..."

A Bulgarian Roma woman from the close-knit Kalaidjii clan | Photo: Reuters

Victoria Pavlova talked with Roma Women in Bulgaria: "Well, the politicians don’t care, everyone knows that. We work, and work, and get poorer all the time, while the rich get richer..."