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April 2013: Co-ordinator of Cheltenham Night Safe: "It's shocking that this could happen in such a central busy area where people expect to walk home safely..."


March 2013: By Peter Hilton - "As immigration to the UK is increasingly demonized and restrictions tightened, it can only be a matter of time until Britain sees itself unable to fully help those who are at the highest risk..."


Six years ago, I was a qualified Nurse, and used to work very long hours... Then I ended up in prison, which changed the course of my life completely...


March 2013: The girls were granted asylum and admitted the truth – they had been smuggled out of their homeland, tricked by false promises and were much younger than their fake passports...


A powerful opening speech was made by a local author, who recalled her experiences as a Sri Lankan Tamil and her encounters of race riots in Malaysia in the 1960’s...


By Huma Munshi: "We hear statistics about the numbers of young people, mainly women, experiencing ‘honour’ based violence... but watching 'Banaz,' who was murdered (in the UK) by her family members, gave a stark insight...."


Feb 2013: By Hilary Burrage - Female Genital Mutilation is a cruel legacy of patriarchal societies and traditions stretching back over millennia. Yet still it occurs, even in Britain....


A GP said I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but I think the borderline was triggered by something a lot more complex and ingrained...


Feb 2013: By Hilary Burrage - "FGM a barbarically cruel fact...  inflicted on multiple thousands of girls – babies, children and teenagers – in Britain, every year..".


Jan 2013: By Louise Hogan - "It was my first time seeing Mary Robinson speak.... Any international humanitarian folk may not be aware how much she did for women in Ireland as a barrister and senator..."


Jan 2013: The 19-year-old was dragged from her car’s passenger seat by a gang of at least seven thugs... The teenager’s mother said her eyesight was the main concern...


By Louise Hogan: "When women are beaten or sexually assaulted or raped in Ireland, they not only have to deal with the traumatic legacy of the event, but with the apparent indifference of their justice system...."