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Nov 2013: By Hilary Burrage - "Eradicating FGM in Britain requires a pincer movement of stringently enforced laws (FGM has been illegal since 1985) and proactive intervention...

Jacinta Carey

Oct 2013: The funding for a state-of-the-art women’s refuge in Kildare has finally been agreed by the HSE. However, it falls short by €120k and as a result will only cover running costs to open two of the four apartments in the newly-built complex.


A police chief in suggested some domestic abusers should go on counselling or relationship guidance courses rather than being sent to court. Women's rights campaigners are concerned.

Banaz - A Love Story

 “Banaz: An Honour Killing”, which chronicles the brutal honour killing of a young British Kurdish woman in suburban London by her own family, has won a current affairs International Emmy.


Kulsoom Rizvi talked to mothers: “I was absolutely devastated... No one directly told us it was Downs. The pediatrician who reviewed Sebs was really walking around the issue... Why was he scared to tell us the truth?"

Children playing in disused building

Child poverty costs Scotland's largest council £395m a year, a report has claimed. Researchers said the impact of the problem in the Glasgow City Council area was the third highest in the UK.


June 2013: By Louise Hogan - "Police appear bemused as they are handed flyers by activists.... This is a peaceful protest aimed at highlighting the continued use of the death penalty in Belarus..."


Those being massively impacted by poverty include people providing care to Britain’s elderly and disabled people, with over five million of those being unpaid careers, while many carers in the private sector have found themselves working on zero hour contracts...

IWD-St-Petersburg-1917May 2013: By Maria Stambler - "These laws are signaling a return to the Stone Age for human rights... However, not enough attention is given to the changes this will bring to women’s rights..."


April 2013: For years, Cécile Kyenge, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been fighting for rights of immigrants in Italy as one of the officials of the Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum.


April 2013. The Director of Public Prosections suggested to an audience in Islington that charges of child abuse should be brought against practitioners of female genital mutilation...


April 2013: Calling on Muslims across Scotland to stand up against domestic abuse. This campaign uses religious verse and Imams to spread the message that violence against women is wrong...