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Presently in Australia, a man represents women’s rights in federal politics. Prime Minister Tony Abbott is the women’s minister of his Liberal cabinet...  Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, is one of only two females in Abbott’s cabinet... What does the structure of cabinet tell the rest of Australia about the role of men and women in political decision-making?


The GST [Goods and Services Tax] labels sanitary items as luxury goods, rendering them taxable... taxing sanitary items under the “luxury” bracket insults the bodily integrity and value of Australian women...


Dec 2012: Olivia Chan met with members of Anti-Slavery Oz - "Many of our clients have been trafficked into Australia or subject to practices of slavery within the country, and we help them deal with legal issues....”


Oct 2012: By Claire Poyser - "The most concerning aspect of some of the media coverage of Jill Meagher was the fact that many reporters found reasons to blame Jill herself for the abduction..."


Aug 2012: By Olivia Chan - "Despite the publicity asylum seekers receive in the news... do we, the people of Australia directly affected by these decisions, actually know what is happening around us?"


May 2012: By Claire Poyser - "The company, ‘Sweet Girls Premium Escort,’ suggests to potential workers that they can make ‘good’ money to pay for tuition or buy luxury goods....

Aboriginal boy

'Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarle.' - Traditional Aboriginal custom treats children as very sacred because they carry the two spring wells of water from the country within them...


By Jennifer Burn: "While most of the focus has been on women trafficked into sexual servitude... from our work we know that women are trafficked through marriage into domestic servitude, into restaurants, factories and agriculture."


March 2010: By Professor Patricia Easteal - "I am an advocate for access to justice issues, women and the law, particularly women who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault."