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Compensation Claims Board 2

Globally, victim compensation programmes play a significant role in providing assistance to the victims of violence... however, in Pakistan we are lacking any such programme. It is high time to take serious note of the issue and develop a strong referral network of service providers that will help the victims to get adequate help.

Karachi slum

The Social Welfare Department of the Government of Sindh is dedicated and committed, in collaboration with others, to provide opportunities for all children, especially the poor, needy and disadvantaged, to grow in life and achieve desired successes.

Girl working

Most of the respondents said that “food discrimination” exists in their families... male family members of their families eat first and then women and girls eat the remaining food... discrimination may lead to low self-esteem and minimal or no self-confidence.

Disaster Risk Reduction

The PDMA has announced flood warning for six districts in Sindh province. Child Protection Units are preparing children for disasters. Children are told to remember parents' address and contact numbers, stressing that in case of displacement and separation from the family such information plays an important role...


I and on behalf of Social Research and Development Organization (SRDO)... appeal to the civil society to come forward and join hands to resist and eliminate all forms of violence against children from Pakistan.


Lola Johnson interviews Zephaniah: "Of course it is very challenging... Women face discrimination on every level. People give birth to eight or nine girls in the hope that maybe next time they’ll have a son."


Child protection is a serious issue of concern in Pakistan as children face multiple forms of violence, abuse and exploitation....


March 2014: Amir Murtaza reports on the findings if a survey conducted by Aware Girls and Young Feminists Movement in collaboration with Mamacash. ...


ICEF has played a role as the source of inspiration for rural girls, where girl’s education is a taboo and education facilities are very scarce... We believe that providing education facilities to the vulnerable communities and to the children who have never thought about schooling is a big achievement of our organisation.


Karachi activist and teacher, Andaleeb Rivzi, warns that much is needed to be done so that Pakistan can be transformed into a safe nation for women....


By By Amir Murtaza | Asian Human Rights Commissiion: "Strict yet victim-friendly legal mechanisms are required to minimize sexual violence against women and children..."


Sept 2013: Heavy monsoon rains, across the country, have increased the flow and level of Indus water, destroying homes. Children remain the most vulnerable part of any society...