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Future-leadersGroup 1 - writing the format of formal meeting

Training Nepal's Future Leaders

Campaign for Gender Equality & Children's Rights

By Dhruba Prasad Ghimire, General Secretary, RUWON Nepal

leadership-training“I’m happy that I’ve got knowledge of composing formal meetings, gender equality, child rights, and the way of gathering with friends in friendly environment.”

Bisheshwor Bhatta, Secretary of Nandi Pakriti Child Club

Two Days' Training for Children's Clubs Leaders

On 27th April, 2012, RUWON Nepal (Rural Women's Network Nepal) organised a two-days' training for 16 children's clubs.

The event was supported by the development cooperation agency, DKA Austria.

The training was held for two days: 27th and 28th of April. We had organised the training in Shree Baalbabsayi Higher Secondary School, Sifal. The training was for seven hours, 10 am to 5pm., and 50 students participated in the training.

From each children's club the president, vice president, and general secretary participated. (For list of participating clubs, see below).

The training ran on the following topics:

  1. How to compose a formal meeting.
  2. Gender equality.
  3. Child Rights.

Day One: How to Start a Formal Meeting

leadership-training-2Trainer – Mr. Dhruba Prasad Ghimire, General Secretary of RUWON Nepal giving the training on How to compose formal meeting?On the first day, we had trained the participants on the topic “How to start formal meeting”. Before starting this topic, we asked all the participants to write about their expectation from the Two Days' Training by giving them paper. After submitting their expectations, the trainer – Mr. Dhruba Prasad Ghimire, General Secretary of RUWON Nepal, asked all 16 children's club leaders to compose the formal meeting with their own executive board member.

After that the trainer pointed out their mistakes and offered suggestions to them, he trained all the participants on how to compose a formal meeting. It was done leadership-training-3Bisheshwor Bhatta, General Secretary of Nandi Prakriti Club from group 3, in the role of Secretary from the new group composing a formal meetingthis way because he needed to know the capacity of the participants and make the training practical, so that the participants could compose the formal meeting themselves.

After the lunch time the training continued, where participants were divided in to five groups randomly. The participants were given markers of various colors and the chart paper to write the format of formal meeting.

After that, the trainer chose one participant from each group and formed the next group. That new group was asked to run the formal meeting.

In that new group participants were :

  1. Sarita Lama, Vice President of Bijaya Smarak Child Club – from group 1.
  2. Padam Tamang, President of Nepal Child Club – from group 2.
  3. Bisheshwor Bhatta, General Secretary of Nandi Prakriti Club – from group 3.
  4. Subash Thapa, General Secretary of Ekikrit Udhwar Club – from group 4.
  5. Nira Tamang, General Secretary of Mahendra Bouddha Child Club – from group 5.


All the children were very interested and excited. Their eagerness to learn and practice made the training quite short.

Day Two: Focus on Gender Equality and Children's Rights

leadership-training-4Two volunteers, Sara and Cornelia from Sweden, talking about gender equality28 April, 2012 : the second day of training started with the revision of the formal meeting format. Again, the trainer asked the participants to do the formal meeting according to the format from which they had prepared the previous day. He followed through with comments and suggestions.

Next, the training was led towards the topic of gender equality. Sara and Cornelia, two volunteers from Sweden, gave the training.

leadership-training-5Trainer – Mrs. Bandana Kumari Shrestha, President of RUWON Nepa,l giving the training on children's rights.They first asked participants about the concept of gender equality, and then explained the concept.

The participants were very excited and held a discussion about the topic. Soham Shah, a 16 year-old boy from class 10, general secretary of the Nepal Child Club, and Bir Bahadhur Tamang, the president of Inter – child Club asked about the difference sbetween the issue of gender equality between Nepal and Sweden.

After lunch, there was a discussion on child rights.

Child-rights--dramaChildren performing on the topic of child rights through drama.The trainer, Bandana Kumari Shrestha, asked all the trainees, “What is child rights?” All the participants answered it, and the president of Inter – child club, Bir Bahadhur Tamang, was asked to summarize it. After the summarization of child rights by Tamang, the trainer talked about child rights and how to achieve them.

The trainees were very curious about the topic, so they had a discussion about it for a long time. Pawan, a 15 year-old boy from class 10 and the secretary of Bhanu Child Club, raised the question about the right of the child who gets an abortion before giving birth.

The Students Speak

At the end of the training, we asked for the participants' feedback on the training:

“Meeting with new friends, learning and collecting various information makes me excited.”
Kalpana Kafle, President of MangalaDevi Child Club

“I got the training, fulfilling my expectation. I learnt many things from the training.”
Sunita Chaulagain, President of Padmakanya Child Club

“I got chance to have the good relation with all friends from 16 different Child Clubs, and shared feelings and ideas.”
Karishma Chaudhary, President of Mahendra Rastriya Child Club

“I got a chance to learn new things which I didn’t have knowledge and ideas [before]. I think I learnt by enjoying in friendly environment.”
Baal Kumari Magar, Treasurer of Mahendra Bouddha / Rastriya

“I’ve learnt by enjoying. It’s really nice.”
Soham Shaha, Secretary of Nepal Child Club


The 16 children's clubs who particpated were:

  1. Ekikrit Udhwaar Child Club
  2. Baal Udhwar Child Club, Kapan
  3. Mahendra Bouddha Child Club, Bouddha
  4. Jana Kalyan Child Club
  5. Chamunda Child Club, Narayantaar
  6. Dhumbarai Child Club, Dhumbarahai
  7. Shipapuri Child Club , Maharajgunj
  8. Mahendra Rastriya Child Club, Baluwataar
  9. Mangaladevi Child Club, Gaushala
  10. Saradha Child Club, Sinamangal
  11. Padma Kanya Child Club, Dillibazar
  12. Bijaya Smarak Child Club, Dillibazar
  13. Nepal Child Club, Sifal
  14. Bhanu Child Club, Rani Pokhari
  15. Nandi Prakriti Child Club, Naxal
  16. Sahid Sukra Child Club, Bag Bazar
  17. Inter SchoolChild Club, Kathmandu