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As Muslim Shia or Sunni, we all remember the tragic and one of the most important event in Islamic history. Karbala teaches us to be strong and fight against our enemies.

What the resistance of Imam Hussain during Karbala teaches us is that when we are fighting for the truth, many might get scared, mock us and leave us, but our fight will be worth it because of the few who will stay behind with the strength and willingness to sacrifice everything for what is right and be exemplary in a world of apathy and injustice.

It is hard to reason anything with a mother who has lost her son. However, if we are united, we can help her.

We may not be able to give her, her son/daughter back but we can prevent adding more numbers to mothers crying for their children. We can help her by standing with her and help her heal her sorrows.

There is no way a Muslim can do such a thing. It is those who can’t see us together, our victory is when they see their unsuccessful plan of tearing Afghanistan apart or horrible future that they planned for us. They are the same people who killed people during Ramadan.

People die every day, if we stay strong they will fail and if we start reacting to such things and start hatred against each other.

We are doing exactly what they want us to do and instead of them killing Afghans, we will do their job for them without even realizing. Look more closely you’re missing the part that they can see and they are scared of it.

Don’t you see people feeding others on the day of Ashura? When they feed them, they don’t ask, if they are Shia or Sunni. Look at the people donating blood. When donating blood they don’t attach the statement that my blood should be used only for Shia.

We know they are scared that we will unite as Afghan Muslims and fight them. They have been trying so hard to pull us a part, but they have failed.

Now they use mass killing of our families to provoke us and use our emotion for their benefits. Let’s stay united and show them that we are not going to be fooled by their games.