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Compensation Claims Board 2

Globally, victim compensation programmes play a significant role in providing assistance to the victims of violence... however, in Pakistan we are lacking any such programme. It is high time to take serious note of the issue and develop a strong referral network of service providers that will help the victims to get adequate help.

Karachi slum

The Social Welfare Department of the Government of Sindh is dedicated and committed, in collaboration with others, to provide opportunities for all children, especially the poor, needy and disadvantaged, to grow in life and achieve desired successes.

Hindu woman dries saree

Scores of Indian women have taken to social media declaring themselves "Happy to Bleed," after the head of a famous Hindu temple said he would consider allowing women in if there was a machine to check that they were not menstruating.

Marnel Arcones, 21, a former child worker, is seen outside his home in Cambayan village on Samar island in the Philippines | THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION/Astrid Zweynert

Marnel Arcones's face lights up with a huge smile when he talks about going back to school after years of toiling as a child worker in factories, on farms and as a domestic helper.

Girl working

Most of the respondents said that “food discrimination” exists in their families... male family members of their families eat first and then women and girls eat the remaining food... discrimination may lead to low self-esteem and minimal or no self-confidence.

Disaster Risk Reduction

The PDMA has announced flood warning for six districts in Sindh province. Child Protection Units are preparing children for disasters. Children are told to remember parents' address and contact numbers, stressing that in case of displacement and separation from the family such information plays an important role...

Chinese feminists

The issue of sexual harassment on China’s overcrowded public transport system is well known; during my own time working in Beijing in 2013, a number of friends faced sexual harassment whilst on public transport including several female colleagues being groped...


Farkhunda’s mob killing exploded the anger of Afghan women... When I asked Rona Popal about the result of this case she stated: “I am very upset to see all the injustices in everyday life of Afghan women.  Abuse of women is part of the culture in Afghanistan..."


On 7th April 2015, a fire broke out at the Karenni refugee camp in Ban Mai Nai Soi displacing more than 700 refugees and destroying 140 of their makeshift shelters. The Karenni refugee camp is a home for more than 18,300 refugees...

Aarefa Johari

Aarefa Johari is a journalist and an activist working to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the Bohra Community in India. Her work has touched the lives of several families - some of whom have come back to Aarefa with the self-promise to the effect that they will not circumcise their girls.


Given the number of incidents one hears about, reads about, and watches reports of, on the news, it doesn’t take much effort to really arrive at the true conclusion: that safety is still elusive. Instead of sitting back and attempting to reach out to safety through measures doled out by another, Shruti Kapoor decided to get on the other side of the fence and make a difference for girls world over.


I and on behalf of Social Research and Development Organization (SRDO)... appeal to the civil society to come forward and join hands to resist and eliminate all forms of violence against children from Pakistan.