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kids-with-mealThe kids enjoying a meal which we served them in Masaka.

Celebrating Two Years of Service to the Community's Vulnerable

By Kasozi Abdu-Karim, BAFNET National Director, January 2012

Family to Family

BAFNET was able to pass on some of the donations - including clothes - that we collected from our BAFNET Family to Famiy Project to our beneficiaries during Christmas Eve 2011.

Happy Birthday, BAFNET!

BAFNET (Bakadde Foundation Network) has reached its two year mark! Donated-clothesSome of our beneficiaries picking clothes which BAFNET donated to them.

We started operating here in Uganda on 23rd January 2010.

As we celebrate two years of community work in 2012, we have been able to reach to as many chronically poor, older persons, and orphans as possible –  but without the support from many people, we would not have lasted this far.

Masaka-beneficiaryHajati Nakayi - beneficiary from Masaka.

Some of the donations which remained from that date have been given to our beneficiaries in Masaka District on the weekend of 22nd January 2012. They were very happy to receive these donations.

donated-clothes-5Happy to with clothing donation!

BAFNET Joins Netzkraft Movement

As a way of implenting our activity of forming networks and creating networking opportunities, BAFNET has yet again joined hands with Netzkraft Movement, which has its headquarters in Xanten, Germany.

Netzkraft Movement is an international network of socially committed individuals and groups working in various ecological, social, political, and spiritual areas. Their aim is to support each other and, through this mutual help, to incerase their influence on society.

The network enables you to introduce yourself and your work to other socially or politically active people. Being prepared to help each other in this way also creates a feeling of solidarity and togetherness among individuals and groups working in various fields. They personally – and their work, too, can benefit from the various skills and exerience of other net participants.

This network will help us spread our work to different states in Germany and the world over, and it will  also help us attract potential donors, funders, and volunteers who will contribute to BAFNET's ambition of extending support to the community; hence, realizing our set objectives.woman--child

Our special appreciation goes to Mrs. Gertrud Sivalingam and Mr. Joe Becker, for their wonderful work done for Netzkraft Movement at the Institute and all-members and partners organizations they work with to bring about social change in the world. You can access us in English and in German.

HEAR Uganda Partners with BAFNET

In our effort to extend support to different chronically poor and elderly communities, and marginalized, manipulated, orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda, BAFNET has entered into partnership with Humanitarian Efforts and Relief Uganda (HEAR Uganda).

HEAR UGANDA is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) formed in 2006, and formalized in 2008. It works with vulnerable and under-privileged communities.
It is a non-discriminatory, non-partisan, and non-political organization.
HEAR UGANDA is affiliated with Interreligious Program  (INTERPRO) and other organizations, and it is dedicated to empowering the disadvantaged people through emergency relief and participatory development programs based on human dignity, self- reliance and social justice.
HEAR UGANDA is committed to pursuing its aims and objectives through the Universally NGO acceptable rules and regulations.

HEAR Uganda becomes BAFNET’s seventh partner organization and our third local partner after Arise and Shine Uganda, and Empower and Care Organization Uganda (EACO Uganda).

This new partnership has also strengthened our ties with other grassroot organizations, and we hope our beneficiaries will have a smile on there faces as we keep on growing day by day.

Development Program Launched

BAFNET development program has been completed after two months of consultations from different stakeholders.  This is a five-year program from 2012 to 2016.

We are currently looking for funds to implement it and print copoies which we shall give out to our members, friends, and all those individuals, institutions, and organizations that are looking forward to working with us. 

Checklist for Improved Sustainability

For our sustainability, BAFNET has created a wish list which will help us in continuously working towards achieving our set objectives in this year and others to come:

This checklist includes some of the items we feel will help us work better and improve on our work:

  1. Laptops and computers – To help in communication and to help us in training of community in ICT.
  2. Digital cameras, video cameras, printers and scanners, office tables and chairs and Phones – to help in communication.
  3. Full-time internet [connection] – to help in communication.
  4. Funds and donations - to help us in running of the organization.
  5. An incubator for hatching chicks – this will help in generating income that will help in our work.
  6. A vehicle (BAFNET van) - to make our transport to the field easier.
  7. Land – to help us put up projects, expand our offices (set up field offices).
  8. Volunteers – to help in our work.
  9. Baby toys, clothes, school bags, shoes, books, pencils and pens
  10. Office stationary like office files, office glue, reams of papers, white boards for training the community members and notice boards
  11. Mattresses – to help our BAFNET Kids Project, where our orphans will be staying.
  12. Printing BAFNET development programs for distribution to our members and friends who support us worldwide.
  13. Printing BAFNET T-shirts.
  14. Sewing machines – this will help us in training different community members, and it will also act as an income-generating activities.
  15. Hoes and pangs – this will help us in digging and cultivation.