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“When we had bad water from the pond I had dysentery three times and each time, I missed one month of school to have treatment and recover. Now, I don’t have to walk long distances to collect water and I feel much safer with this new, clean water.” John Benjamin Mwita.


Just a Drop was able to provide Namanganga Village with a borehole and hand pump...

"The women can now spend more time on their domestic responsibilities and the children can attend school more," says EACO Director, Shadrak Kyobe.


Campus Journal interviews Kasozi Abdu-Karim - direcor of BAFNET.

'I found out that many elderly people were living with orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS. Most of the people I visited lacked almost all basic items and that is why I came up with the idea of helping the elderly and orphans.'

sex trafficking

She stands out in the Indonesia capital. She is taller than most and her black skin receives auspicious looks from those around, who often stare blankly at the young woman.

This is Marta’s life now, after spending two years as a sex worker in China and Vietnam.


BAFNET celebrates two years of service to the community's vulnerable:

'As we celebrate two years of community work in 2012, we have been able to reach to as many chronically poor, older persons, and orphans as possible - but without the support from many people, we would not have lasted this far....'

Woman Farmer in Uganda

For most Ugandan women, obtaining a commercial loan to start a business has been very difficult. Many do not have the required collateral of land title deeds and many cannot afford the interest rates charged by commercial banks.

But six women-led rural banks have begun changing the lives of women in rural Uganda, easing their access to credit and enabling them to start small businesses and improve their food security.

Posters advertising international employment are major opportunities for human trafficking traps. Photo: Abdu Kiyaga

Prossy Kawuma was captured and sold as a slave when she was a young woman. She is not an historical icon, or someone students now read about in textbooks.

Kawuma is a young black woman living in Uganda who was enslaved just two years ago.

Allan was left for dead after a vicious attack

BBC undercover reporter is told: "We can bury the child alive on your construction site"

Florence Amony, now 34, became a child soldier in 1990.  Photo: Beatrice Lamwaka | GPI

On Sept. 9, 1990, 21 years ago, rebels from the Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, abducted Florence Amony from her home in Palenga, a village in northern Uganda, as she slept.

She was just 13.

Later, she became the eighth wife of an LRA captain and was forced to bear three children.

LRA Soldiers

Ester Abeja was captured by Uganda's feared rebel group the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and was forced to join them.

But not before the soldiers made her kill her one-year- old baby girl, by smashing her skull in, and then gang raped her.

A woman in labor rested in the delivery room of the hospital in Arua.

Jennifer Anguko slowly bled to death right in the maternity ward of a major public hospital.

Now a lawsuit over her death may be the first legal test of an African government’s obligation to provide basic maternal care.


Safe World Field Partner, Empower and Care Organization (EACO) implements community-based projects in Uganda.

EACO has been working with women and children in the Mukono and Maracha districts in the sub counties of  Kyampisi, Nama, Ggoma, Nakisunga, and Mukono central division.