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According to Pontsho Pilane, a South African journalist at The Daily Vox, dealing with harassment is part of the job for female journalists... Pilane’s observations are not the only problems facing women journalists according to a report by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA)


Solutions shouldn’t be about childcare just for the sake of leaving kids somewhere, but childcare that provides all children irrespective of the socio-economic standing of their families with an opportunity to develop their potential.


Dec 2013: By Olivia Bliss - "The Women’s Legal Centre, where I have interned since September this year, is a not-for-profit law centre in Cape Town, set up in 1999 by a group of female lawyers...."


Are 30,000 children “trafficked” into the sex trade every year in South Africa? Are 30,000 children “currently” being prostituted in South Africa? As Africa Check discovered, the estimates are not supported by available research.

Nombuyiselo Nxako

Forget the celebrities, lets talk ordinary.

These are the women mostly forgotten when celebrating women's empowerment.


May 2013: By Koketso Moeti - "Police are the first point of call when reporting a crime –  something which further puts victims at risk, in South Africa. An increasing number of police officers are themselves being charged for rape..."


April 2013: By Koketso Moeti - "South Africa is blessed with an abundant supply of natural resources.. Yet most of South Africa’s public maternity wards do not have functional and essential equipment."


Nov 2012. By Shireen Ahmed - "Black lesbian footballers not only have to fight against stereotypes in order to engage in football and but must face stigma and danger. The concept of “corrective rape” is brutal and unfathomable..."


Oct 2012: By Koketso Moeti - "For the Ramavhoya family, the culture of impunity for rape perpetrators... took away their daughter. The courts are failing to protect victims of sexual abuse in schools."


Oct 2012: By Koketso Moeti - "Recurring sentiment amongst male learners was, 'These girls want it. What do they expect us to think coming to school in such short skirts with no panties on?'"


By Dominique Roberts: "Men were asked why rapes take place: 'She is your wife, but she only wants to sleep with you once a week... you will end up raping your own child. These women really get us into trouble...'"


The judiciary is an institution fraught with sexism, with women keen to become judges constantly being degraded and not being given the same respect as their male counterparts, says Judge Kathy Satchwell.


Aug 2012: Dominique Roberts interviews Koketso Moeti: 'Black women are still the most disempowered group of people in the nation, even today...."