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Woman in Sarkin Dawaki, Nigeria

From unrequited love and cheating husbands to domestic violence and marital rape, a Nigerian agony aunt is using Instagram to encourage women to share their stories anonymously, ask for advice and even seek justice in court.


Olutosin Abedowale investigates: 'In actuality, FGM is a lucrative job that has discouraged many young men in the lineage of oloolas from pursuing formal education. Female genital mutilation is a huge business to some uneducated traditionalists in Nigeria...'


Olutosin Abedowale investigates: 'At Oke Ileri Church, the midwife... said that stopping FGM is a dangerous move against God... She warned that ending female genital mutilation is an avenue to make every female child go into prostitution.'


TRIGGER WARNING: Olutosin Abedowale visits practitioner of FGM in Oyo State, Nigeria... 'His clients hold him in high esteem and most of them refer to him as Agbomola, which means the saviour of a child. Baba Oloola boasted that there is no single girl whose genital is not mutilated in the community'


In Nigeria’s Delta State, elections for the post of governor are fast approaching. It is disconcerting and disappointing that women’s issues and rights are being consistently ignored and or trivialized by the candidates for this important office...

Bring Back our Grls Campaign

Parents of 200 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist rebels in April said they were appealing directly to the United Nations for help after losing hope that the Nigerian government would rescue them.


To sell chalk in place of antibiotics, powder in place of anti-malaria drugs, or unsterilized water in place of adrenalin is clearly to sell death in return for profit... Professor Akunyili was a strong force in Nigerian politics... carrying on the baton of previous female politicians and role models, such as Mother Theresa, Aun Sung Suu Kyi, Janet Jagan and Indira Ghandi’s.


The WSCIJ has begun its Report Women! Project.... the investigative reporting of girls and women training is aimed at building the media’s capacity to strategically report girls and women issues as well as mainstream girls and women into media reportage generally.

Falmata Yakub and Isha Rachalla both want to be doctors when they grow up

School in Nigeria cares for children from families on both sides of the conflict - Boko Haram and the security forces


Someone who is all too aware of the issues facing mothers in Nigeria is lawyer and women’s rights advocate, Adepeju Jaiyeoba. Having lost a friend in childbirth, Adepeju recognised the dire need to address the issue of maternal health...

Therese Cristiansson talks to pregant teenager. Photo: Expressen | Terese Cristiansson

Baby factories in Nigeria are pumping out babies for sale on the illegal adoption market. Swedish journalist Therese Cristiansson infiltrated these baby-trafficking networks with a hidden camera.


April 2013: For years, polio vaccination has faced strong resistance within conservative Islamic communities in northern Nigeria, largely due to a deep distrust of the West, persistent rumours that the vaccine is harmful, and the house-to-house approach...


Feb 2013: Four teenage girls have invented a urine-powered generator to create safer and more access to electricity... They finished constructing the generator in time for the Maker Faire Africa, an annual pan-African conference of handicrafters, which took place in Lagos during November 2012.