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Compassion CBO

Compassion CBO, was formed to eradicate poverty through education and sustainable development among women living in the slums and rural areas of Kenya and to rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children.

Survivors In DR Congo



COFAPRI is registered in Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Rupublic of Congo The organisation empowers women through encouraging income-generating activities such as the rearing of livestock.

India-against-CorruptionCandle Rally on 24th August 2011 for India Against Corruption

Ending Corruption and Empowering India's Women & Children

By Beatrice Vanaja, New Life Chief Administrative Officer - Jan 2012

New Life interventions 12th August to 11th November 2011

Raising Awareness About Corruption

The organisation participated in the Hunger Strike convened by the IAC (India Against Corruption), Tricky, to join hands against corruption. IAC is the movement against corruption which supports the passing of the LOK PAL Bill in India.

Our children and women from the target areas participated in the Candle Light Rally conducted on 24th August 2011 for an INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION rally.

The women and children were given awareness training on corruption, and they vowed to act against corruption by not supporting those known to be corrupt, and questioning them.

Women Trained to Maintain Their Own Accounts

A Training was conducted for SHG representatives on 6th August, on bookkeeping of the group.  The programme aimed to clarify the doubts of the representatives of the women self-help groups in maintaining their account books.

The representatives are well-trained now, and they have assured the organization that the accounts of their own group will be maintained by themselves –  and they will not depend on the field staff for writing their accounts.

After the training, nine out of the 13 groups who attended the training were able to keep the books by themselves without our support.

Juvenile Home and Girls' Home Receives Sports Balls

25 footballs and five volleyballs were donated to the Juvenile Home and the Girls' Home in Kellys, Chennai on 21.09.11 through New Life.

Health Awareness Efforts Rewarded with Healthier Children

A Medical camp for children was organised on October 23, 2011 for the target children of New Life.

242 children attended the camp, and 26 were diagnosed to have been freed from malnutrition, skin diseases, dental problems, eye, vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to our efforts during the last year.

All the others suffer from any one of the aforementioned deficiencies.

Efforts are taken to give awareness to their parents to free the children from such deficiencies/diseases.

Training Women Prisoners for Life After Release

A three-day Sambrani- making training was organized by New Life from 27th to 29th October 2011 to the 24 inmates of prisoners in the Special Prison for Women in Trichirappalli district, Tamil Nadu.

Sambrani is an incense powder used in India. When burnt, it gives a good smell. It is usually used for poojas ( a religious ritual performed by Hindus as an offering to various deities, distinguished persons, or special guests) and at homes.

The programme was inaugurated by Ms. Jayabharathi, Superintendent of Special prison for women, Trichirappalli. 24 young and interested inmates (Lifers) were selected, and training was given to them.

The normal life sentence term is 25 years. But the lifers are released after 14 years for good conduct and for other reasons.

(In 2009 around 1000 prisoners who were life sentenced and whose prison terms were being shortened, were released in Tamil Nadu. And other states also did the same.)

The curriculum of the training included motivating the inmates, information on raw materials, the ratio of the raw materials to be used, place of procurement, demonstration of preparation with hands on training, and marketing.

This trade will help them earn Rs.1oo/- per day once they get released. The trainees were happy that they can earn and live without others' support, and they said that they will take up this easy venture once they get discharged.

Children Participate in Community Play

Our children participated in the community play, mela, conducted at zonal level by the TdH partners. They performed a traditional dance in the mela conducted on Nov 5, 2011.

Mela is a festive gathering of people. New Life is a partner of a Netherlands based agency - Terre des Hommes. And all the partners of the agency conduct a play –  mela, state (zonal) wide.

The organisation conducts an annual play, mela, to emphasise the importance of sports and traditional games. The children who practiced to make play a part of their life participate in the programs.

Traditional games and dances, too, are conducted. The program has a good impact in the community we serve.

This has promoted harmony amongst the youth.

New Life for Women and Children


Vikram is a 12 year-old boy residing in 12, Kamaraj Nagar, Ariyamangalam, Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu.

He was enjoying all the love, care and affection of his father as the only child. However, his father died in an accident in 2001.

After his father’s death his mother got remarried and gave birth to a daughter. Now his mother and his step father are concentrating only on the girl child and they least care for Vikram.

This made Vikram a rag picker and he started to take care of himself as he did not get enough food. The mother could not educate Vikram as the step-father is not supportive.

Our New Life team identified him and gave continuous counseling to him and his mother. Now he is studying 5th standard in our child labour special school. After a few counseling sessions his mother is also taking care of him.

Our special school teacher, Mrs. Selvi, says that in the beginning, Vikram was arrogant, never obeyed the teacher, and quarreled with other children often. After some time, there is a drastic change in his attitude.

Education along with nutritious food has made a remarkable change in the life of Vikram.

This has been made possible only with the help of donations made by noble hearts, whereby  so many Vikrams are given an opportunity to improve their self esteem, sense of pride, confidence and motivation to continue their education.  


Thangamani got married to Rajendran who was working as a porter.

When Thangamani was 26, he died due to heart problem. Thangamani’s in-laws were not ready to take care of her and her four children. She had nobody from her mother’s side either, to support her.

Thangamani works as a construction labourer. Before a year passed, she fell sick and could not go for construction work anymore.

Thangamani has three daughters and a son. The eldest daughter is working in a xerox shop and earns Rs.2000/- p.m. (per month)  Her other daughters are studying in 12th and 11th standards, and her son is in 9th standard. 

Thangamani earned Rs. 75/- per day from construction work. But after her sickness, her daughter is the only earning person. Her salary is not sufficient to feed the five mouths and the grown-up children’s education and other expenses.

Thangamani approached the local women's leader and told her about her present situation and the need to earn for her family. The leader referred her to New Life and the field staff of New Life made an assessment visit.

She was counseled by the counselor and was given confidence to start an income generating activity. Then she met the livelihood specialist, and got her guidance to start a small tailoring unit in her home. Since she knew stitching, she said she can stitch blouses for others.

Due to the financial support of New Life, Thangamani now owns a tailoring machine  and she says she will increase her income gradually. Now she gets Rs. 50/- per day.


Punitha’s family is living in Seerathoppu on Andhanallur block in Trichirappalli district, Tamilnadu.

Punitha is studying 8th standard in St .Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Somarasanpettai, Trichy.

Punitha has four sisters and one brother. Her elder sister is married, and her younger sisters are studying in school. Her brother is working as a mechanic in a two-wheeler workshop.

Punitha’s father was a vandalist (hooligan) working for an unscrupulous politician and was injured by acid poured by his rival rowdy groups and died.

For the hospitalization expenses, the family spent their savings and took loans from the private money lenders.

Punitha’s widowed mother and brother work as agricultural daily wagers and the earnings  meet only the family expenses and rarely the repayment of loan. The money can hardly feed all of them.

Punitha’s aunt came to know about the children’s home run by New Life and got her admitted in New Life’s Home.  New Life is providing Punitha with three meals a day, education, clothing, shelter, daily needs and besides all the love, care and affection the child desires..

You can see the happy Punitha who is in her school uniform in the below photo.


Gomathi is the inmate of Special Prison for Women in Trichy.

She got a life sentence for a murder case. Her husband Sivakumar is also an inmate of Central Prison in Trichy. Both of them were daily labourers before imprisonment.

They were imprisoned for the murder of Gomathi’s sister’s (Veni) husband. Veni’s husband was an alcoholic and he used to beat Veni daily.

She shared her feelings with Gomathi and Sivakumar. Both of them went to Veni’s house and tried to counsel her husband. But in the heat of the quarrel Gomathi and Sivakumar attacked him with a wooden stick.

He got severely injured and was bleeding. They were shocked and admitted him in a hospital but he died. Three of them got imprisonment as lifers. Gomathi has one son, his name is Gowtham, and he is studying in 3rd standard. Now Gowtham is living with his grandmother.

It was during this time she met the counselor of New Life who visited her in the prison. She narrated her story to the counselor and was sharing her worry about her future once she gets out of the prison.

She was counseled to undergo the livelihood training given by New Life.

New life conducted the Washing Powder Making Program. The training includes the curriculum of washing powder and dish-wash making.

In that training, women were introduced to the different qualities of washing powder they can make, how to find out the quality of powder, the raw material used to make the washing powder.

Gomathi attended the training with utmost interest. She will be released soon and she says she will take up this as her livelihood option. She is confident of earning a minimum of Rs.100 per day.


Sivagamasundari is a deserted, widowed woman living in Vengampatti, Kulithalai Taluk, Karur Distirct.

Her husband, Manickam, was a heart patient and he died in the month of January 2010. He worked in a printing press earning Rs. 3000/- per month and with this meager income they had to manage their family day to day expenses, their children education and maximum for medicine. So they had to borrow money.

She has two sons. The elder son is Guru Gana Sambanthar studying in 5th standard and the younger son Adithyan studying in 3rd  standard. At the time of Manickam’s death the overdue loan was Rs. 2,00,00/-. Though he worked in a printing press his little settlement is not enough to repay the loan.  

She was much worried about her future.

Before the death of Mancikam, she was a homemaker and never went on her own to any place.  So she was left in darkness after his death.

It is very difficult for her to lead her life without her husband. She approached New Life through a staff, and our team listened to her and guided her.

She is well motivated and was willing to own a petty shop. A petty shop is a shop which sells small things like candies, biscuits, cigars, newspapers, books, etc. They normally look like small boxes.

With financial support of New Life she started a Petty shop. Now she is not worrying about her future. She earns Rs. 150/- per day and she has hopes that she will earn more in the coming future.


Nine year-old Alamelu is in Bathrakaliyamman Kovil Street, Thottiyam, Thottiyam (TK), Trichy (District).

Her parents are fortune tellers and they have three children.

Alamelu has two younger sisters: Papamma in grade 2, and Roja, nine-month old child. The family has no support from their relatives, and they cannot afford to take care of the needs of their children.

It was then they came to know about New Life through one of the parents who are happy about their child’s life in New Life Home.

Her mother approached our New Life staff and she explained her problem. The field officer directly went to know the details of the family and made a study of the family situation and found that they are really poor.

After the completion of the process Alamelu was admitted to the Musiri home, Door No.44, Mariyayee Nagar, College road, Musiri (Post) Musiri (TK) Trichirappalli District limits, Tamilnadu.

She is very happy and so is her mother.

Alamelu is going to school in uniform and studying well. The future of the child is now bright. This support enabled Alamelu to continue her education.


Amirtham is a prisoner in Special Prison for women in Trichy; shewas sentenced as a lifer.

Her husband’s name is Sundar Rajan. She has two sons, Jeganathan and Prabakaran, Their age was 20 and 18 respectively. Both of them are working as labourers.

Sundar Rajan was an alcoholic. He used to drink alcohol and beat Amirtham daily pulling her to the street.

One day Amirtham tried to escape from Sundar Rajan while he beating her; due to alcoholism, he slipped down and got an injury to his head and died. Sundarajan's brother gave a testimony against Amirtham and now she is imprisoned.

It was during this time she met the counselor of New Life who visited her in the prison. She narrated her story to the counselor and was sharing her worry about her future once she gets out of the prison.

She was counseled to undergo the livelihood training given by New Life.

New life conducted  a Kundan-Making program.  Kundan is an ornamental stone used in fabrics or jewellery. The training includes the curriculum of designing in sarees and churidars.  In that training, women were introduced to the different designs of Kundan work that they can make, the raw material used to make the Kundan work, where to purchase the raw materials, and how to market it. Amirtham attended the training with utmost interest. 

Amirtham will be released soon and she says she will take up this as her livelihood option. She is confident of earning a minimum of Rs.200 per day.

Dispute Over the Mulla Periyar Dam Affects Livelihoods

The state is now facing an issue with the nearby state Kerala regarding the demolition and reconstruction of the Mulla Periyar Dam.

The Tamil labourers who are working in the plantations in Kerala were attacked,and this has led to the return of these labourers. This has affected the economy of the two states.

Some of the Keralite establishments in Tamil Nadu were damaged, too.

This is the season when the devotees of the Swamy Iyyapan, a Hindu god, go to the temple in Sabari mala. The devotees from Tamil Nadu are stopped going to the Sabari Mala because of the clash.

And the members from our areas who go there and sell beads, clothes, food stuff, etc. are affected. They, too, are not allowed to go there –  and hence their annual income is much affected since it is the season when they earn much.


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