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Statement on the loss of President Bingu wa Munthalika

As Sustainable Rural Community Development Organization (SURCOD) of Malawi, we respect human rights.

In this difficult time where we have lost our beloved President, his Excellency Professor Bingu wa Munthalika, we are deeply concerned with the development [of events], and we are extending our deeply felt condolences to the family and the entire Democratic Progress Party.

In this situation, we are requesting all the concerned parties to handle the issue with a sober mind -- that it shouldn't bring much harm in the country; we are requesting they adhere to the Malawian constitution.

We are deeply concerned with the act of the Cabinet, whereby they were failing to come clear to Malawi with the true information concerning the status of the president for 48 hours, and it is a clear indication that some people were planning to flout the constitution.

As the result, we are condemning the act, and we are prioritising the use of the constitution in this circumstance.

We are also condemning the act of the Public Radio Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, which is run by public finance from the government for failing to inform the nation (Malawians).