IWD-2012-SURCOD-6The women marched from two sides - from Mkhutche to Chididi Bridge and From Nyamadzere to Chididi and they all met at Chididi bridge.

Women's Day in Malawi: Chididi Women Celebrate with the World

By January Mvula, Founder/Executive Director, SURCOD, March 2012

Grateful to Spread Message of Peace and Equality

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The women of SURCOD (Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation) had a happy moment on International Women's Day and they really liked the day, as it was colourful and bright.


Even though most of them are poor women living below $1 per day, they had the moment of forgetting this and sharing happiness with the whole world.

They were grateful to communicate their message of peace and equality; they wanted their voice to be heard in Britain, America, German, Italy, Canada, France, China, Japan and beyond.

Thinking of our Neighbours

Chididi Women Ask the DR Congo: Why War?

Their main message is: why war?IWD-SURCOD-8

Why kill each other? We are for peace and dialogue.

They are very much concerned with the situation for our neighbours in the DRC where the woman is often treated as less than nothing: they can kill her, rape her, force her to do anything they want without considering her rights.

But is it true that she has no rights?IWD-SURCOD-4

No, but the greedy leaders are the ones contributing to this, despite the fact that there are many charters protecting the women and the girls: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the Convention on Consent to Marriage and the Minimum Age for Marriage and Registration of Marriage, the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.

In The Rights to Life, Integrity and Security of the Person, it states:

1. Every woman shall have the right to dignity inherent in a human being and to the recognition and protection of her human and legal rights.

2. Every woman shall have the right to respect as a person and to the free development of her personality.

3. States Parties shall adopt and implement appropriate measures to prohibit any exploitation or degradation of women.

4. States Parties shall adopt and implement appropriate measures to ensure the protection of every woman’s right to respect for her dignity and protection of women from all forms of violence, particularly sexual and verbal violence.

Start Protecting DRC Women

But why the DRC is not taking these seriously, and continuing to allow exploitation of their women?

As Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation (SURCOD), we are requesting all the international organisations and the G8 member nations to start thinking of protecting the womrn in DRC.