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Safe World Field Partner in Malawi - SURCOD - celebrates International Women's Day!

The women of Chididi had a happy moment and they really liked the day, as it was colourful and bright.

Even though most of them are poor women living below $1 per day, they had the moment of forgetting this and sharing happiness with the whole world.

They were grateful to communicate their message of peace and equality...


Illiteracy is exacerbated by traditional beliefs where early marriages and cultural rites promote the system.

Manesi Kapidigula, a Form 2 girl student, explained, “I feel much safer in school than being at home all the time, falling prey to unprepared marriage just as many like those in similar situation like mine inevitably do.”


Arusha Savings Group Summit, Tanzania

By January Watchman Mvula, Executive Director of SURCOD in Malawi:

"This was the first summit ever which brought together practitioners of savings group methodologies from all corners of the world.

I was privileged to be one of the selected few to attend this conference. It was an honour for me to meet with well-known, influencial people who have accelerated savings in various countries...."


Margret is a single mother in Malawi.

Last year, her roof was leaking and her meagre income came from collecting firewood.

This year, Margret has a new home and runs a business trading in farm produce.

Safe World Field Partner in Malawi, SURCOD, together with VOLKAT Vision, have helped Margret to turn her life around.


Safe World Field Partner in Malawi, SURCOD, has won the hearts of the people, including traditional chiefs.

SURCOD are succesful in interacting with the community, including chiefs, and are able to talk about the most sensitive issues that communities rarely talk about, like traditional beliefs that give women a low status.

SURCOD also has built good relations with government departments.


April Floods Affect Over 5,000 Families in Karonga District, Malawi

January Watchman Mvula, founder of Safe World Field Partner in Malawi, SURCOD, reports:

"At SURCOD, we are very concerned with the floods that occurred during the first week of April 2011, which swept away more crops – as well as more houses in Karonga District, and which affected over 5,000 families.

The situation worsened on the 2nd and 6th of April, wherein heavy rains caused most of the rivers to bust. Families had to camp in schools and churches."



Mchancha Village Headman Speaks:

"We are quite happy that SURCOD is doing a wonderful work here in Chididi, particularly in my village, Mchacha.

I was born over six decades ago, I have never seen such a powerful gathering of women like the one that is before us today. These women have astonished me –  contributing money with an objective of improving their families.

This is a very brilliant idea, indeed, and we hope this will assist in the eradication of poverty in my village.

Being the village headman of this village, I am supporting this initiative and I will make sure that I am encouraging the women –  as well as their husbands, to support the initiative."


News from Malawi

Update from SURCOD - Safe World Field Partner in Malawi:

'As the organisation is very much focused on the welfare of the women, we have in the past few months managed to establish the Chididi Women Groups Savings and Capital Building Project, which is a powerful project aiming at eliminating poverty – the great barrier for women to participate effectively in various development projects within their families, as well as outside their family, which is within the society...'


The Day of the African Child - 19th March

Safe World Field Partner in Malawi, SURCOD, hand-in-hand with other NGO's, gave school children a chance to voice their concerns on child protection.

"There are many cultural challenges" says Executive Director, January Mvula. "For example, traditional doctors commonly instruct parents to rape their own children as a method of becoming rich."

The children displayed messages which were advocating for their freedom to education, and some of the displayed information read:

  • Sex/marriage Can Wait, but the Future Doesn’t
  • Stop Forcing Children to Early Marriage and Sex
  • Say No to Early Sex
  • Stop Forced Marriages
  • Education Now, Marriage later
  • Education For a Girl Child is a Tool to Success