SURCOD Updates


Sustainable Rural Community Organisation (SURCOD) is a grassroots NGO in Malawi which is very concerned with the xenophobic attacks which are currently taking place in the Republic of South Africa. We are writing to condemn the barbaric behaviour which some people in South Africa are showing by harassing as well as killing foreigners living in South Africa.


The sessions were highly interactive and by the end of the workshops some chiefs lamented having helped GBV perpetrators to commit even more atrocities. “We ask SURCOD to reach out to our subjects as well with the same information.”, one chief requested.


SURCOD’s Village Savings & Loan Project (VSL) project, funded by Volkart Foundation, aims at improving the livelihoods of women in Chididi... The idea is to boost women’s access to property.


Through the green manure project, tailoring skills programme, women's rights project and other projects, SURCOD is working at the grassroots to ensure that farmers in Chididi do not struggle...


As the first stage of a new gender project, SURCOD met with traditional leaders, a community police forum, and victim support units for an assessment exercise...


Nozgenji Bilima has joined SURCOD to lead the Green Manure project. She will encourage farmers in Chididi to apply tithonia (a natural fertilizer) and use methods of conservation agriculture.


Mathilde explained that the interaction with the women, most of them illiterate, was at times challenging but above all giving. A memorable experience for Mathilde was when some women told her whole-heartedly that “she got fatty.” Of course that was a compliment! Mostly, the two women were amazed by the people’s generosity.


"We used to sleep in thatched and leaking houses, but now it's history”.... grassroots women are trained in becoming self-reliant, managing their funds and overcoming their problems.

Photo: Sally Hayden

The women I met in Chididi were inspiring. Of my three interviewees the first was calm, the second stoic, the third determined. Initially I mistook their composure for reticence, though at the end they thanked me for listening. It was only afterwards that my Malawian translator told me that, as a cultural rule, women in Chididi have traditionally never discussed their lives.


Update from SURCOD - Safeworld Field Partner in Malawi:

The women prepared traditional dances where the songs advocated for women's empowerment as well as asking the men to change their mindset on women...

The girls insisted in their song that early marriage is contributing to poverty in the area.


As Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation (SURCOD) Malawi, we would like to congratulate her Excellency Joyce Banda for being sworn in as the President of Malawi.

Being the woman who has been in the forefront in promoting women's empowerment and gender activities, we hold high expectations that she will continue supporting the issues pertaining to the advancement as well as building the capacity of the women...


As Sustainable Rural Community Development Organization (SURCOD) of Malawi, we respect human rights.

In this difficult time where we have lost our beloved President, his Excellency Professor Bingu wa Munthalika, we are deeply concerned with the development [of events], and we are extending our deeply felt condolences to the family and the entire Democratic Progress Party....