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A community that is empowered to advance rural initiative to access basic needs which can promote sustainable livelihood through self reliance and community participation.


To facilitate development based on self reliance, self sufficiency through effective implementation, promotion and support of integrated rural development with full participation, ownership and promotion of right based approaches of the rural communities.


To promote sustainable integrated community development with the rural communities through improving food security, promotion of saving culture, empowerment of women and safe motherhood, promotion of education and literacy, water and sanitation and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


To improve food security and household income in the rural areas of Malawi.

To promote good health through increasing awareness on the causes of various diseases as well as promotion of safe motherhood ( with much effort to the following diseases HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis).

To promote access to safe and portable water, good sanitation and hygiene using participatory methods.

To promote quality eduction, adult literacy programmes and affordable vocational skills to the vulnerable youth and women.

To improve the status of women, child rights and human rights issues in general.

To promote awareness on natural resources management, climate change mitigation and adaptation.