How we're financed

Volkart Vision

SURCOD has received funding from Volkart Vision Foundation, based in Winterthur in Switzerland, for the Chididi Women Savings and Capital Building Project.

Harry Singh Scholarship

Our partner Harry Singh has donated towards an Access to Education Scholarship to help pay secondary school fees to vulnerable boys and girls in Nsanje District.

US African Development Foundation

In July 2014, the U.S. African Development Foundation gave SURCOD a grant of $6,832.00 to enable Chididi women's empowerment for sustainable rural development through a tailoring project.

Jeannie Jackson, US Ambassador to Malawi, presided over the grant signing ceremony which occurred in Lilongwe, the capital city.

The grant amounted to $6,832.00 and has, among other things, enabled SURCOD to buy and transport sewing machines and accessories, in order to train 1,000 women in Chididi for a period of three years.

We also rely on the generosity of private donors.

What we do

We are in the forefront of advancing the empowerment of women and girls in various development projects, and we also recognise the triple roles of the women in the community.

Chididi Women Savings and Capital Building Project

Women's empowerment project through savings and capital building in rural Chididi, Nsanje, including developing the capacities of the women in group dynamics and business training.

This project is an initiative of SURCOD to support the Women of Chididi to start Saving Groups with an aim of raising up their capital which will lead to the establishment of fruit processing factory.

Volkart Vision will support with the funding for capacity building, payment of field Officers who will be responsible for supervising the groups as well as the provision of seed money for the seting up the processing unit for fruit processing.

SURCOD hand in hand with the concerned departments in the Malawi government, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and food security and the Ministry of Gender and Community Development is facilitating the process.

Skills Training

SURCOD is training 1,000 women in tailoring skills, over a period of three years, with the support of the U.S. African Development Foundation.

Education Projects

Surcod is working with over 25 schools in Nsanje Malawi to mobilize the communities on how to encourage their children to go to school with an aim of improving school enrollment.


SURCOD advocates against forced marriage and child labour, working closely with local schools and collaborating with other NGOs in the region.

Our Partners

 Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

In 2010, we became a partner of the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) (BKFA) and received our first delivery of 200 birthing kits, which were distributed to the hospitals and clinics at Nsanje and Lilongwe.

In November 2013, our partnership with BKFA was scaled up and we received 5,000 kits.

These will be distributed to more health centers and will, in turn, improve working conditions of midwives and contribute to reducing maternal mortality.


SURCOD is proud to be Amaidi's first Malawian partner. Our partnership with Amaidi started in 2012 and is currently developing into a clearer vision as to how SURCOD can provide future participants with a valuable and life-changing volunteer experience.

Apart from volunteering, Amaidi is committed to help its project partners - grassroots NGOs, schools, hospitals and care-homes - by promoting social impact investment and responsible tourism.

Vitamin Angels

In March 2013, SURCOD created a partnership with Vitamin Angels, which resulted in the donation of vitamin A capsules and albendazole tablets (deworming drug). Those tablets were further donated to Nsanje district hospital. In April 2013, SURCOD’s director was invited to a training session in Blantyre in order to learn how the medicine is to be administered. The project has a five-year (2013-2018) life span and two annual provisions have been planned.



SURCOD is a member of CONGOMA (Council of Non Governmental Organisations in Malawi).

Global Education Network (GEN)

Through GEN, young Europeans can do informative internships in the South and built their capacities in development co-operation and global education. In 2013, SURCOD received its first two international volunteers, Kadri and Mathilde, respectively from Estonia and Germany. The two GEN volunteers stayed with us between July and October and took part in a project called Economic Empowerment for the Women in Chididi through our Savings and Capacity Building project.