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You can keep a child in school in rural DR Congo for 40 US dollars a term.

Helping suvivors of conflict and war rape.

By Mugisho Theophile, Co-founder and Executive Director of COFAPRI. November 2014.

The unending wars that DR Congo has been experiencing since 1996 have caused women to be raped on a wide scale. Many of the raped women became pregnant and delivered fatherless children. These children are abandoned, discriminated, neglected, which causes them trauma. They suffer the family and social stigma of being discriminated because of being 'born of the enemy' and thus have no fathers. Without an education, these children are vulnerable and may become targets for war lords and the local militia, perpetuating the cycle of violence.

COFAPRI believes that helping these vulnerable children have a school education can help them to overcome the plights they are in, in order to create a new future and break the cycle of wars.

The number of children we are supporting has greatly increased since last year. Last year, we only had 23 children.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, COFAPRI is currently sponsoring 86 children born of raped mothers and suffering discrimination.

This shows how these children need support for school education.

We have already paid for fees Term One of the school year for these children - September to December 2014 - and school materials for 25 of the children.

However, again there are reports from our coordinators in the field revealing that the number of children seeking help from us is still escalating.

All these children - girls and boys - are from extremely destitute families. The majority of them are orphans; either they were born of raped mothers and have been abandoned, or one or both parents were killed due to the wars or HIV/AIDS.

Longterm Vision

For the moment all these children under COFAPRI’s sponsorship are scattered in different schools (six at the moment). This pushed us to think that, if we had the means, it would be better to ultimately build them their own school, which would be a good alternative.

A Vision for DR Congo's Children

Immediate Needs

Materials and Fees for the Children:

The needs of these children are ongoing and the number of children coming for help is escalating. We are currently unable to meet all their needs.

A small donation can make a big difference.

Each child needs notebooks; blue, red, green and black pens, erasers, sharpeners, pencils, wooden rulers and school fees.

With your generous support, more children born of raped mothers can still go to school and so you will have helped them to make their lives better in the future.

  • With 1 USD, a child can get either a pen, a pencil, an eraser, a school diary or a sharpener;
  • With 2 USD, a child can get a wooden ruler
  • With 3 USD, a child can get one note book or a plastic ruler;
  • With 5 USD, a child can get a school bag, a metallic ruler, one pack of sanitary pads, or get a meal;
  • With 10 USD, a child can get a pair of shoes;
  • With 15 USD, a child can get a school uniform;
  • With 40 USD, a child can go to school for a term (includes school fees, equipment and uniform);
  • With 120 USD, a child can go to school for a year (includes school fees, equipment and uniform);

The Children Want to Hear from You!

If you are able to sponsor a child's school fees for a term or more, the child would also like very much to be in touch with you and will be very happy to send you letters and pictures, if you wish.

COFAPRI is keen to help facilitate this and can also help with translation between French and English if needed.

You can contact COFAPRI via

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